Police arrest woman for assaulting officer, public intoxication

Melissa Hough
Amanda Kay Patrick

Police in Vidor arrested two apparently intoxicated women following a car crash on Aug. 10, reports the Vidor Police Department (VPD), but not before one of them allegedly assaulted an officer. 

According to a police report from VPD, Officer Tom Meadows responded to report of an accident in the 600 block of South Main in Vidor at 9:42 p.m. When he got to the scene of the crash, he spoke to the driver of one of the vehicle's involved, a black 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe. She identified herself as 43- year-old Amanda Kay Patrick of Port Arthur.

Meadows stated in his report that he could detect the smell of an alcoholic beverage emanating from Patrick as he spoke to her and also observed her eyes were "glassy and bloodshot." She admitted she had been driving the Hyundai, and Meadows initiated a sobriety test. He reports that Patrick showed numerous signs of intoxication, and he arrested her for driving while intoxicated (DUI) 2nd, meaning she was previously arrested for the same charge on a separate occasion. 

After Meadows secured Patrick in the back of his patrol unit, he states in his report that he made contact with a passenger in one of the vehicles involved in the accident. She identified herself as 49-year-old Melissa Hough of Boca Raton, Florida. Meadows reports that Hough was "unsteady on her feet" and smelled of an "intoxicating beverage." 

"Melissa was extremely aggressive towards first responders and civilians on scene," Meadows wrote in the report. "Due to Melissa's level of intoxication, being in a public place, and level of aggression Melissa was believed to be a danger to herself or others."

Hough was arrested for public intoxication and placed in the back of the patrol car with Patrick. 

Meadows transported both suspects to the Baptist Hospital in Orange for medical evaluation since the women were apparently intoxicated. According to Meadows, Hough was agitated and continued trying to open drawers in the hospital room while awaiting examination. When the officer told her to sit down, Hough reportedly got close to his face started yelling. He again told her to sit, Meadows stated, but she would not. Instead, she allegedly kicked the officer in the back of the thigh with enough force to cause him to lose his balance. Meadows turned and forced Hough into a seated position. Following the altercation, a hospital employee who observed the incident made a statement supporting the officer's report, and Meadows charged Hough with assault of a public servant in addition to the public intoxication charge she already faced. 

Hough and Patrick were then transported to the Orange County Jail and released to jail staff.