Police cite successes in fight on violent crime

Chief Jimmy Singletary praised detectives for their hard work and dedication.

Last summer, violence rocked the city of Beaumont, and law enforcement agencies joined forces with pastors and other community leaders to combat criminal activity. They asked the community to take up that mantle, too, and the citizenry paid heed. Since then, reports the Beaumont Police Department, several violent criminals have been arrested and indicted based on tips and information provided by cooperating witnesses.

At a press conference Feb. 15, BPD Officer Haley Morrow recalled last year’s events and provided updates on some high-profile cases.

“You may remember in July of last year, after multiple homicides and violent crimes occurred in our city, we held a joint press conference with the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office and the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and we pledged to you all that we would stop at nothing to get dangerous criminals off of our streets.”

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