Police find suspected heroin in diaper bag

Kristen Langford
Kendon Leger

The parents of an infant went to jail April 16 after a police captain found suspected heroin inside a diaper bag while preparing to change the baby’s dirty diaper, reports Officer Amber Valenciano of the Vidor Police Department.

According to a police report by Valenciano, officers were dispatched to McDonald’s in Vidor at about 11 a.m. to assist Child Protective Services (CPS) in obtaining custody of an infant from parents Kristen Nicole Langford, 30, and Kendon Lee Leger, 34. Dispatch informed the officer that Leger had an active warrant and was to be considered “armed and dangerous.” The pair was said to be traveling in a blue Mercury Grand Marquis.

After Valenciano checked McDonald’s and found the couple gone, Officer Jeff Courts spotted the suspect car as it was leaving Walmart and stopped the vehicle. At that time, reported Courts, Leger quickly exited the vehicle and attempted to flee on-foot. Courts held Leger at gunpoint for officers’ and bystanders’ safety until other officers arrived. Leger was then handcuffed and taken into custody for the active warrant.

Captain Aleta Cappen responded to the scene to assist with the infant until CPS arrived. When she realized the baby needed to be changed, she grabbed the couple’s diaper bag, dumping the contents out on the backseat of a patrol car. As she did, “A small plastic bag containing a residue of a dark viscous substance believed to be black tar heroin (weighing 0.33 grams) fell out of the diaper bag.” A search of the vehicle reportedly rendered a spoon, syringes and another plastic bag with goopy black residue, also identified by police as suspected black tar heroin.

Officers charged Leger and Langford for possession of a controlled substance. Before police took them both to the Orange County Correctional Facility, Langford reportedly denied knowing about the heroin in the diaper bag.

“If we had known we had it,” she told Officer Valenciano, “we would have used it. I don’t know where it came from.”

The infant was released by CPS to a relative.