Police search for Christmas decoration thief

Surveillance footage from front porch | Photo: Ginger Shepherd

The Liberty County Sheriff’s office is seeking the community’s assistance in looking for a Christmas decoration thief.

The department shared a Facebook post from Ginger Shepherd, who said nutcrackers were stolen from her porch Nov. 28. The post included surveillance footage from the family's cameras.

"After Thanksgiving, my husband and son decorated our house beautifully," Shepherd said. "Then some [woman] decided ... to help herself to our decorations."

Surveillance footage time stamps indicate the theft occurred about 2 a.m. Nov. 28.

"I'm shocked at her stupidity," she added. "Who would risk bodily harm or arrest for Christmas decorations?"

Shepherd asked for anyone who knows this woman to tell her the Pasadena police are looking for her. She also said she had turned over the footage to police.

"I hope she enjoys those Christmas Trumpeters!" Shepherd said.