Police search for shoplifting suspect in Vidor

Police search for shoplifting suspect in Vidor

Vidor police are currently investigating an attempted shoplifting incident that happened Friday, July 12, at the Vidor Market Basket on Main Street at approximately 4:45 p.m.

According to a witness, a woman attempted to leave the grocery store with a basket full of items. As the woman attempted to flee the store, she left behind her purse. She ran through the parking lot and was able to escape at the time, but the witness speculated she would be easy to find because her identification was inside her abandoned purse.

Store staff detained a man assumed to be her accomplice until police arrived. Two Vidor police cruisers arrived at the scene and briefly questioned the suspected accomplice before leaving in search of the fleeing female suspect. A Vidor police officer said the case is still under investigation and no names or further information could be released at this time.



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