Police seize 117 pounds of synthetic marijuana

Synthetic marijuana packaged in bulk and in small containers

With a mixture of luck and some good police work, Beaumont Police Department narcotics officers made the single largest synthetic marijuana bust in the city's history Tuesday, Jan 29. 

The bust started with a routine traffic stop, according to police, who said they seized 117 pounds of synthetic marijuana from a sedan they stopped on Interstate 10 at about 12:30 a.m. near Walden Road. 

“Our interdiction guys made a traffic stop on the interstate and just developed probable cause to believe something wasn’t right,” said Sgt. Rick Boaz of BPD Narcotics. “They asked permission to search and found it in the trunk of the Volkswagen.” 

The grassy product was found with hundreds of small, colorful bags labeled "Kush" and "Kli-max" ready for individual packaging and sale. Boaz said the synthetic marijuana was on its way from Mexico to a local convenience store near you. 

“One of the tags on the bag says ‘Product of Mexico,” Boaz said. “Generally these are store owners who’re selling it.” 

Police did not immediately release the name of the suspect pending lab results on the synthetic drugs, but said the punishment is the same for an equal amount of marijuana. The driver faces second-degree felony charges for possession of the synthetic marijuana.  

“If it comes back positive, you know, for that amount of marijuana, it’s a second degree felony,” said BPD spokesman, Rob Flores. “So, it’s two to 20 (years).” 

Boaz was sure to give credit to arresting officers Warner and Dommert and other street units whose soul purpose is to keep dangerous drugs off the streets. 

“Our guys work awful hard on the highway,” Boaz said. “And when they get stuff like this, it’s just a product of a lot of hard work.”

The driver also had about $5,000 in cash on him.