Port Arthur hero, veterans to be honored at Lutcher Theater


A guardian angel as well as grit and determination must have been with Staff Sgt. Lucian Adams of Port Arthur on Oct. 28, 1944. During an operation to reopen the allied supply line to the isolated third battalion in Nazi-occupied France, Adams, a soldier in the 30th Infantry Divi­sion of the U.S. Army, defied the odds in the face of death near St. Die during a lone assault on Ger­man machine gunners.

According to the U.S. Army Third Infantry Division website, “Adams charged forward, dodging from tree to tree, firing a borrowed BAR (Browning Auto­matic Rifle) from the hip. Despite intense machine gun fire the enemy directed at him and rifle grenades that struck the trees over his head, showering him with broken twigs and branches, Adams made his way to within 10 yards of the closest machine gun and killed the gunner with a hand gre­nade. An enemy soldier threw hand grenades at him from a position only 10 yards distant; however, Adams dispatched him with a single burst of BAR fire. Charging into the vortex of the enemy fire, he killed another machine gunner at a 15-yard range with a hand grenade and forced the surrender of two supporting infantrymen. Although the remainder of the German group concentrated the full force of its auto­matic weapons fire in a desperate effort to knock him out, he proceeded through the woods to find and exterminate five more of the enemy. Finally, when the third German machine gun opened up on him at a range of 20 yards, Adams killed the gunner with BAR fire. In the course of the action, he personally killed nine Germans, eliminated three enemy machineguns, vanquished a specialized force armed with automatic weapons and grenade launchers, cleared the woods of hostile elements, and reopened the severed supply lines to the assault companies of his battalion.”

He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his bravery April 22, 1945, in Nuremberg, Germany. Adams also received the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

Adams, who died in 2003, will be recognized, along with First Lieutenant Douglas Fournet of Lake Charles, with a Lutcher Theater lobby display at the performance of “Beyond Glory,” Stephen Lang’s one-man show recounting the com­bat bravery of eight Medal of Honor recipients. The event will celebrate and honor all veterans and military personnel. A special ticket price of $35 will be offered to all veterans and their families for main floor seating. For every 20 tickets purchased by a group, the group will receive one complimentary ticket.

Immediately following the show, all veterans and their families are invited to the Lutcher Theater Third Floor Lobby for a special “Veterans Reunion Reception.” Refreshments will be served while participants mingle and visit.

For more information call (409) 886-5535.

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