Port Arthur ISD superintendent returns

Port Arthur Independent School District Superintendent Johnny Brown

After roughly two months of being missing from the job, Port Arthur Independent School District Superintendent Johnny Brown has returned to his duties as of Dec. 13. Although Brown did not himself offer any comment on his return, PAISD attorney Melody Chappell did say, “The matter regarding the complaint against the superintendent of schools for Port Arthur ISD has been resolved. A thorough investigation was conducted and a review was done by the school board.

“This is a personnel issue and the board members are precluded by law from discussing this matter in the public. The superintendent has returned to work, and no other comment will be forthcoming regarding this matter.”

At the PAISD’s most recent board meeting, additional funds were allotted to legal fees to cover the mounting costs the school district has had to bear.

The district had already budgeted roughly $120,000 for legal fees for the 2012-13 school year. Assistant Superintendent Phyllis Geans told the board more than half of that amount has already been expended, and she estimates more than 150,000 additional dollars would be needed to pay legal fees for the remainder of the year.