Port Arthur mayor wins re-election

Port Arthur mayor wins re-election

Although the turnout for Port Arthur elections wasn’t as large as 2010, which saw 4,241 total votes cast for mayor, the result was the same with the incumbent Deloris “Bobbie” Prince retaining her seat as mayor for a third straight three-year term. According to City of Port Arthur election result data, only 3,244 votes were cast for mayor in 2013 with 1,756 (54.13 percent) for Prince. Former District 4 Councilmember Harold Doucet received 1,397 votes (43.06 percent), and Lowra A. Reado-Harrison didn’t prove to be much of a factor with 91 votes at only 2.81 percent.

Robert Troy defeated Rosalind Linden-Queen by a margin of less than 10 percent for Doucet’s former council seat of District 4, which is also a three-year term. Troy received 656 votes (54.85 percent) to Linden-Queen’s 540 (45.15 percent).

The PAISD Board of Trustees election saw a total of 4,970 votes cast. The election allowed voters to choose two candidates to be elected to the board. Robert Reid and Tracy Thomas received the most votes out of the six candidates; Reid got 1,314 votes (26.44 percent) and Thomas got 1,067 (21.47 percent).

The following 12 Charter Amendment Propositions were all approved by Port Arthur voters. For more information on these propositions, visit www.portarthur.net and click on May 2013 Election Propositions.

• Proposition 1 (city charter preamble added)

• Proposition 2 (Regarding council and mayoral terms and majority voting)

• Proposition 3 (Regarding mayoral and councilmember candidates required qualifications)

• Proposition 4 (Regarding allowance, benefits and reimbursement of expenses for mayor and council members)

• Proposition 5 (Regarding rights of Council to investigate councilmember conduct)

• Proposition 6 (Election date change to first Saturday in May for future mayoral and councilmember elections)

• Proposition 7 (Regarding purchase contracts)

• Proposition 8 (Regarding contracts without competitive bidding)

• Proposition 9 (Appointed employees must be Port Arthur residents while employed)

• Proposition 10 (Regarding equality in city employee selection)

• Proposition 11 (Pleasure Island Commission now just “The Commission” and lands owned by city now “subcomponent of city government” and under jurisdiction and supervision of city manager)

• Proposition 12 (Sales tax to be used for city improvements)

Tommy Peltier defeated three other candidates vying for Port Commissioner. Peltier received 66 votes (31.43 percent).

For Sabine Pass ISD, Maureen Plauche (68 votes, 42.50 percent) and Kirk Blood (63 votes, 39.8 percent) beat out Jeff Williams. Voters were allowed to choose two candidates to be elected to the board.


— Kevin King