Port Arthur police chief confirms candidacy for St. Louis police chief position, hopes for change in PA

Chief Melvin at PAPD's Blue Santa Dec. 22 | Photo: Eleanor Skelton

Port Arthur's police chief confirmed in a statement Dec. 28 that he was a candidate for St. Louis police chief.

"As a career law enforcement professional, it was a privilege to be recruited and considered for the Chief of Police role by the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the City of St. Louis," Melvin said.

Melvin also congratulated the new Police Commissioner, Chief John Hayden on his selection and pending promotion.

"I am delighted to continue to serve the citizens and my fellow officers within the City of Port Arthur," Melvin said, adding that Texas is his home state where both his family and friends live.

"My career has been defined by my ability to bring about change to police departments. Port Arthur is no different," he said. "I look forward to moving forward with our efforts to improve the department and bring greater transparency and build greater trust between the community and this department."

Melvin emphasized that change is easy, but he encouraged the department to do their best and to "focus on what is right and not what is easy."

Melvin has recently issued other statements explaining some of his decisions and responding to the police union's no-confidence vote results released last November. In the online poll conducted between Oct. 27 and Nov. 6, 2017, 85 percent of participating members voted that they did not have confidence in the police chief and his administration, the Port Arthur Police Association announced in a statement Nov. 6.