Port Arthur police warn public of ticket scam

Port Arthur police warn public of ticket scam

Police in Port Arthur are warning the public that callers posing as emergency dispatchers are contacting city residents to tell them they have outstanding tickets and threatening arrest if they don't send money immediately. 

According to a news release from the Port Arthur Police Department, they have received multiple reports from people who were called by a number that appeared to be the Port Arthur Police 9-1-1 Dispatch Operators and told to send money via Western Union right away or get thrown in jail.

The con is the latest variation of an ongoing warrant scam that has impacted Southeast Texas, among other locations throughout the nation. Sometimes, the swindlers claim to be from a utility company and pressure people into paying with the promise to disconnect service if they fail to pay forthwith. 

PAPD cautioned people receiving these types of calls not to pay. 

PAPD suggests, "Anyone demanding payment via any of the wire services or gift cards indicates they are most likely in another country. Do not send them money."

According to the department, 9-1-1 Dispatch Operators are not collectors. They do not call people regarding payments for tickets, and the Port Arthur Municipal Court does not take payment through Western Union. 

If you think you have an outstanding warrant for unpaid tickets or charges with the Port Arthur Municipal Court, call them directly at (409) 983-8686.