Port Arthur Runoff Election

Port Arthur Runoff Election
Port Arthur Runoff Election

Port Arthur early voting for the runoff election between incumbent Derrick Freeman and challenger Thurman Bartie ended Tuesday, June 18. 

Of the more than 30,000 registered voters eligible to vote in the runoff election, nearly 2,500 turned up June 10-18 to cast their ballots for their preferred candidate. The number shows a significant interest from the community in the outcome of the Saturday Runoff, as the number of early voters falls just 500 votes behind the May Election Day.

Voters will have one last chance to vote on Saturday, June 22. Polls will open at 7 a.m. at multiple locations throughout the city:

R.L. Eldridge Community Center (Sabine Pass) - 5262 S. Gulfway Drive

Memorial Ninth Grade Academy - 2441 61st St.

Tyrrell Elementary - 4401 Ferndale

Port Arthur Public Library - 4615 Ninth Ave.

Port Arthur City Hall - 444 Fourth St.

Abraham Lincoln Middle School - 1023 Abe Lincoln

Thomas Jefferson Middle School - 2200 Jefferson Drive