Port Arthur: two city employees, two businessmen charged in gas thefts

Former Port Arthur official Steven Guidry (left), David Frank and Rabindra Nauth

As the result of an ongoing corruption investigation in Port Arthur, four suspects were charged with felony theft on Jan. 25 stemming from allegations they were involved in a gas theft scheme involving two former Port Arthur Public Works Department supervisors and two Port Arthur business owners, reports the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office. According to JCDA, all four were an active part of and individually profited from stealing gas from the city of Port Arthur.

The DA's office reports that the long-term investigation into the gas scheme revealed fuel worth in excess of over $146,000 was stolen from the city within the last year. 

Former city employees Steven Guidry Jr. and Randle Davis Jr. were charged with engaging in organized criminal activity and theft by a public servant. David Frank and Rabindra Nauth have been charged with engaging in organized criminal activity and aggregate felony theft. Guidry was arrested late Monday, Jan. 25. All three others remained at large.

The charges against the former city employees are first degree felonies, and the charges against the business owners are second degree felonies. The bonds for Guidry and Davis were set at $100,000. Frank's and Nauth's bonds were set at $60,000.

In a statement Jan. 26, Port Arthur City officials announced that Guidry, the former City’s Street Supervisor, was terminated in October 2015 after admitting to using fuel cards to steal gas.

Port Arthur City Manager Brian McDougal said, from his knowledge, these investigations do not point to any other city employees being involved. McDougal said he wants people to know the city is paying close attention to employee expenditures.

“Port Arthur employees are honest, hard-working people," McDougal said. “Unfortunately, the actions of one or two employees challenge the public’s trust that we strive daily to build. We hope this arrest sends the message that such activities will not be tolerated”.

McDougal said he encourages city employees and the public alike to follow the directive, "If you see something, say something."

McDougal praised the city’s Police Department and the District Attorney and his staff for their thoroughness and quick response on behalf of the residents of Port Arthur.