Port Neches Police remind citizens on golf cart protocol

Orlando Golf Cars Photo

Port Neches Police Department released a statement Monday, June 11 reminding citizens about the ordinance regarding the operation of golf carts. This reminder comes after PNPD received numerous complaints concerning golf carts on city streets. 

PNPD made a point to remind citizens that golf carts are considered motor vehicles and are mostly subject to the same rules of the road. Drivers of golf carts must have a driver’s license and liability insurance on the cart. There is also no texting allowed while driving the vehicle. Golf carts are not to be driven on sidewalks and can only be driven on a street with a speed limit posted 35 or less, unless it is through an intersection. All passengers must be seated while the vehicle is in operation and only as many as the vehicle is designed to seat.

City of Port Neches approved Ordinance 2011-07 which regulated the operation of golf carts within city limits on June 2, 2011. 

For more information and the full statement visit the Port Neches Police Department Facebook page at www.facebook.com/PortNechesPD