Pot plants discovered in Pinehurst

Pot plants discovered in Pinehurst

Pinehurst Police Department Chief Fred Hanauer has confirmed the agency has confiscated marijuana plants growing in a wooded area on Gunn Drive in Pinehurst. 

According to Hanauer, a tip was relayed to West Orange Police Officer Chance Reed on Tuesday, July 19, concerning the possibility of a marijuana farm growing in a public area of the municipality. Reed, along with Pinehurst Officer Leonard Roff, located the area of concern and discovered what is believed to be multiple marijuana plants, plant fertilizer, water jugs and other pots believed to have marihuana seeds planted in them. The plants and paraphernalia were confiscated. 

“A field test was later conducted which indicated positive for marijuana,” Hanauer stated.



DAAAAMN!!!! Good bust PHPD!

DAAAAMN!!!! Good bust PHPD! You really stopped a heavy load this time..... Now I can sleep 100% better tonight knowing those plants are gone. HAH! Why not try worrying about these fools robbing and conducting home invasions then worrying about a few medicinal herbs someone is growing.

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