Praise Church volunteers fan out across Southeast Texas

Praise Church volunteers in 2015 (

Praise Church will serve Southeast Texas by meeting the needs of the community with their bi-annual event Servolution on Sept. 24 from 8 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

“Servolution is a ‘church revolution through serving.’ It is the best way we love our neighbors as we love ourselves,” said Mike Arnold, outreach coordinator at Praise Church. “What it looks like at Praise is twice a year, we mobilize 220-250 adults who go out and take care of the needs that individuals or organizations would not be able to meet, or would take time from their mission, to address.”

Servolution kicks off at Praise Church at 8325 Walker Road in Beaumont. The day will begin with a brief address by Pastor Reg Lloyd. Volunteers then disperse across Southeast Texas to meet the needs of Beaumont and surrounding areas.

Servolution is not limited to Praise Church attendees’ participation. Anyone can get involved.

“The beauty of Servolution is that it is a national movement that began a few years ago and detailed in Dino Rizzo’s book, ‘Servolution: Starting A Church Revolution Through Serving,’” said Arnold. “Most people want to reach out and help, but they don’t know where to begin. We partner with organizations that have regular contact with folks who have needs. Then we see what skills and talents we have that can meet those needs.”

 Praise Church has 130 volunteers and 25 groups participating in this upcoming event.

“For those who receive help, we are meeting tangible needs,” said Arnold. “In some cases we are building wheelchair ramps, others we are repairing floors, or cleaning homes. But mostly we are showing the love of God to them.”

After participating in Servolution for four years, the organized service event has grown larger with more people and volunteers participating.

“To us, church isn’t just a building. It’s who we are as followers of Christ,” said Lauren Graham, administrative intern at Praise Church. “Earlier this year I participated in Servolution just as a member of the church, and I could see such a large impact in the short time we served that day. It’s one thing to go out and talk to people about Christ, but to be able to serve the community in tangible ways is so effective and obviously moving for everyone involved.”

 The phrase “not just good, but right” has been pinned to the event.

“Servolution is such a good thing,” Graham said, “but we don’t do it just because it’s something good to do. As followers of Christ, we want to spread his love in a way that is easy to receive.”

Victoria Castillo, who helps run the Salvation Army Emergency Shelter for homeless people, can attest to the difference Praise Church is making in the community through Servolution.

“So far [Praise] has done one Servolution at the Salvation Army, and they’re about to do another one,” said Castillo. “They come in and paint. They donate the paint, the time, the effort — everything to paint part of our homeless shelter. It makes it nice when people come into our shelter and see that its nice and freshly painted.”

Salvation Army is one of the many recipients of the serving done by Praise Church during Servolution. Others include places such as Boys’ Haven of America Inc., Some Other Place and Buckner Children’s Village.

“Serving in the church has taught me how to love more than ever,” said Graham. “I’m in a position where I can see where several needs are in the community, and it is so amazing to see us come together as the church to meet those needs and lead people to Christ.”

To get involved with Servolution or to find out more information, visit or call (409) 898-0020.

 Shelby Strickland