Racial slur accompanies assault in Orange

Racial slur accompanies assault in Orange

One man was arrested after an alleged assault in Orange where the victim claimed the man hurled a derogatory slur while running toward him with a knife.

According to a report from the Orange Police Department, the incident was reported at approximately 4:09 p.m. on Thursday, June 6. OPD Officer Joshua Dempsey reported he responded to a call regarding a disturbance involving a knife in the 800 block of Arkansas Street. The suspect had reportedly fled the scene in a newer model, gold Chevrolet pickup truck missing the front left quarter panel. Dempsey spotted the vehicle traveling towards Highway 87 from DuPont Drive. The driver of the truck, 23-year-old Sean Crooks of Orange, was detained while officers gathered information, according to police.

After gathering witness statements, police determined that Crooks was passing a residence on Arkansas Street and started "peeling out," or spinning his tires, in front of the house. A male resident yelled for Crooks to stop, at which point Crooks exited his vehicle, picked up a rock and struck a female resident in the leg with it. The male resident, the female's husband, began running toward her to assist her. The witnesses reported that was when Crooks retrieved a black, folding knife from his truck and opened the blade. Crooks then allegedly ran toward the couple and told the man, "I'm going to cut your heart out, wet back!"

According to the Urban Dictionary, the derogatory term "wet back" is, "A slang term for those of Mexican heritage, especially illegal aliens. This slur stems from the fact that illegal Mexicans usually swim rivers to cross into other countries."

Police reportedly located the black, folding knife in the driver's door of Crooks' truck, and he was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He was transported to the Orange County Jail and asked to provide a statement. Although he refused to make a statement, Crooks reportedly told police he too had been struck with a rick during the confrontation. A whelp on his arm was photographed.

Police are still investigating the incident.