Ramming speed!

Ramming speed!

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office unveiled the V-100 Fox armored vehicle Wednesday, Nov. 30, at Lamar Institute of Technology. The new tool will help with emergencies ranging from hostage situations to rescue operations. The sheriff’s office has had the vehicle for a few years, but there were some additions like a battering ram, turret, and slide-out steps on the side and on the back that were added by the students in LIT’s welding class as part of a joint project between the sheriff’s office and the institute.

Students from the CAD class designed the additions, and the welding class led by John McKeehan made the designs come to life. According to Rod Carroll, public information officer for the sheriff’s office, the vehicle was given to the county by the Fort Worth police department at no cost and the additions were paid for by a donation from a private citizen who wished to remain anonymous. Carroll said there are a few minor cosmetic improvements planned for the inside of the vehicle, but that the vehicle is now operational.



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