Repeat offender cannot evade arrest

Repeat offender cannot evade arrest

An Orange County Jail frequent flyer has been arrested again, according to incident reports from the Orange Police Department. Melody Travonne Johnson, 27 of Orange, a repeat offender who has been arrested on several occasions over the last two years for numerous crimes including public intoxication, causing a disturbance and more, was again arrested on Nov. 30 for warrants and for evading police.

It all started on Nov. 29 just before midnight, reported OPD Officer James Roy. He and another officer were dispatched to North 1st Street and West Cypress Avenue in Orange at 11:59 p.m. Upon their arrival at the scene, Roy reported they saw about 30 people standing in the street at the location. He activated his lights and dispersed the crowd, but a moment later, Roy asserted, a woman he knew on sight as Johnson began loudly shouting profanities throughout the apartment complex on Pine Street. The officer then reportedly performed a warrant check on the screaming woman and discovered she had several outstanding warrants for her arrest, including a warrant for evading arrest. When he told Johnson she was being arrested, he said she fled. Johnson reportedly ran into an apartment at the complex and barricaded herself inside, evading officers once again.

Roy along with other OPD officers and officers from the Pinehurst Police Department and the West Orange Police Department attempted to serve the warrants on Johnson at her Pine Street apartment at about 12:42 a.m. According to Roy’s report, “Melody was seen coming out of the apartment and yelling profanities towards officers but would run back inside and barricade the door as officers approached.”

At one point, Roy stated, Johnson grabbed a bottle with liquid inside and acted as though she were going to throw at the officer, at which point Roy drew his Taser. He told Johnson to come downstairs, and she finally did, but would not submit without a fight, according to Roy. He reported that when she reached the bottom of the stairs, Johnson once again motioned as though she were about to throw the bottle at Roy and then tried to slam the door of the corridor. Roy reportedly pushed the door back, effectively pinning the suspect between the door and the wall. She pushed back, stated Roy, and tried to flee into a bathroom at the top of the stairs. Roy deployed his Taser but did not make contact with Johnson. He and another officer then pushed the door open while Johnson reportedly used all of her body weight to try to close the door, which actually ended up ripping from its hinges and falling to the floor.

Johnson still would not give up and go peacefully with the officers, reported Roy, and they forcibly pulled her from the bathroom where she was placed in handcuffs and under arrest. She was finally transported to the Orange County Correctional Facility and faces charges for her multiple warrants and for evading arrest.