Report of man having "religious experience" results in intoxication arrest

Report of man having "religious experience" results in intoxication arrest

Orange resident Elmus Andrews was arrested for public intoxication Monday, Aug. 25, after the Orange Police Department received a call at about 2:16 a.m. from a concerned citizen who said the suspect was having "some type of religious experience" in the middle of 16th Street.

According to the police report drafted by OPD Officer Isaac Henry, he was dispatched to the area of 16th Street and Park Avenue in Orange in reference to the call. He was advised the black, male suspect was wearing a white t-shirt. He reportedly found Andrews, who fit the description, walking south in the BBVA Compass Bank parking lot in the 400 block of 16th Street. He stopped Andrews and questioned him. Andrews reportedly slurred his speech while talking to the officer and was sweating profusely with "glassy and blood shot" eyes. Officer Henry states in the report that he smelled "an odd odor" emanating from Andrews, an odor the officer recognized as PCP.

Andrews was arrested for public intoxication and taken to the Orange County Jail. Because Andrews has previous convictions for public intoxication, the charge was enhanced to a Class B misdemeanor.

Andrews is a repeat offender in Orange with numerous arrests, keeping OPD officers busy while bulking up his criminal record and costing taxpayers money. Police reports from OPD reveal Andrews was arrested May 14 for public intoxication and failure to identify, on May 16 for burglary of a building and again on June 20 for public intoxication once again.

May 14, Officer Corey Foreman reportedly stopped Andrews for riding his bicycle in a roadway without using the required headlamp. When he spoke to Andrews, Foreman reports, he smelled an alcoholic beverage emitting from the man’s person and observed him to have glassy, bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and unsteady balance. He reportedly told the officer his name was Elis Jamal Andrus. Police later discovered his true identity and charged Andrews with failure to identify, public intoxication and for two outstanding warrants from West Orange Municipal Court.

Two days later, Andrews was in trouble again when he was caught in the act by OPD officers who say he was attempting to steal from an Orange drugstore. According to a report from the Orange Police Department, officers responded to an alarm at Sholar’s Medicine Chest at 1301 West Park Ave. at close to 2 a.m. on May 16 Officers reported, “It was also apparent that the pharmacy had been entered through the ceiling from an adjacent hallway, inside the building.” While at the scene, OPD Officer Brice Due located a suspect attempting to evade on foot, according to police. The suspect identified himself as Andrews. Andrews was detained by officers, who then secured and reviewed video footage from drugstore security cameras. According to the report, officers were able to see Andrews enter the building. Andrews was arrested for burglary of a building and trans¬ported to the Orange County Jail. 

Andrews was arrested June 20 for public intoxication in the 1300 block of Cordrey Avenue, his second PI in about a month. Officer Caleb Davis reports he saw a man stumble in front of his patrol vehicle. When he approached the man, verbally identified as Elmus Andrews, Davis observed that his speech was impaired and slurred when he spoke, he stumbled when walking and smelled of an “unknown sweet odor.” Davis believed Andrews to be intoxicated to the point he was a danger to himself and others. He was arrested and taken to the Orange County Jail for Public Intoxication, normally a Class C misdemeanor, which excludes jail time in lieu of fines. The charge was enhanced to a Class B misdemeanor due to Andrews’ multiple public intoxication convictions with¬in the last 12 months. Andrews faces up to six months in jail if convicted of the charge.

A database search revealed in addition to his recent arrests, Andrews also has previous arrests for possession of a controlled substance, possession of dangerous drugs, and failure to identify, and has a conviction for felony possession of a controlled substance from a 2005 offense for which he received six years probation. After a probation violation, Andrews spent more than a year in the TDCJ unit in Huntsville.