Return of the taco truck … sort of

Return of the taco truck … sort of

Chef Monica drives her Bánh Mon trailer through legal loophole


When the Beaumont City Council approved a tough new ordinance in 2009 to regulate taco trucks, barbecue stands on wheels and other mobile food vendors, it was responding to complaints about food handling and public safety from citizens, including some restaurant operators concerned when the trucks set up shop near their eateries – and because these mobile units did not bear the high overhead costs associated with building and health code compliance.

The new ordinance resulted in the 13 operators who had been licensed at the end of 2008 essentially being put out of business because they could only be permitted for a period of time not to exceed 14 days. In addition, they could only get such a permit four times per calendar year with a 30-day time period between each consecutive permit issuance. It’s hard to sustain a retail food business under those restrictions, and taco trucks disappeared from Beaumont.

In early 2012, a new mobile food trailer began appearing at various locations in the West End. A sign identified the white trailer as Bánh Mon Renegade Street Food, complete with a painting of Elvis Presley on the side. The advertised bill of fare centered around the Bánh Mon, described as a hybrid version of the Vietnamese/French sandwich Bánh Mi – created by Chef Monica Cobb, who was in the trailer cranking out the product, which included variations such as Lemongrass Chicken, Blackstrap Pork Loin and Sweet Chili Gulf Shrimp Bành Mons for between $7.50 and $9.75 a pop.

That is a little pricey by usual Texas taco truck standards but representative of the gourmet food truck movement popular in Houston, Austin and Los Angeles and celebrated in the Cooking Channel show Eat Street. We regularly patronize these trucks on visits to the aforementioned cities where they are flourishing, but they were essentially banned in Beaumont.

The logical question that presented itself was how Monica Cobb and her Bánh Mon trailer were operating under the law. The answer proved elusive at first, with Cobb mightily resisting efforts to get to the bottom of the issue.

Cobb was apparently at the Health Department when The Examiner called to inquire about the mobile food ordinance. The next day she called the newspaper with a blistering message where she claimed she was somehow being “stalked.”

“I was at the Health Department whenever the person from The Examiner called; I was sitting right there and heard the conversation,” she said, then made reference to the reporter who had in fact come to the abandoned gas station where she had stationed her trailer some weeks before.

“He’s been coming to our different locations and taking photos, making complaints and if it continues, you’ll just have to speak to my attorney,” she fumed. “I am not in the mood to deal with this. I am a small business owner and this man has no rights. For all I know, he could be some sort of terrorist.”

Not a terrorist but a legitimate reporter who was still chagrined at Cobb’s description.

“It’s an older man and he has identified himself; I was at the Health Department when he called trying to get me in trouble, and it’s ridiculous. I mean, he could be lying and saying he’s with The Examiner but I promise you if there’s someone that’s with your newspaper and is trying to write a story on me and they have no idea what they are talking about, there could be grounds for all kinds of trouble, and I am fed up with trying to be a small business owner and people trying to take me down wherever I come and wherever I go,” she continued.

In closing, she spelled out the purpose of her call: “Fair warning – there had better not be a story written about me,” said an obviously angry Cobb.

The next day she called Fox4 News, who did a story where she launched what she hoped would be a preemptive strike against any story The Examiner might publish.

“There was a little bit of controversy where we had some people following us that wouldn’t come up to the trailer,” Cobb told Fox4. “Snapping photos of us and just kind of making us nervous and spreading rumors that we weren’t legal, that we’re not doing the proper protocol, when actually we’re doing everything legal.”

Perhaps what made Cobb nervous was the knowledge she was relying on an interesting interpretation of the food ordinance to obtain her multiple permits despite language that appeared to prohibit such actions.

The ordinance limits the frequency with which permits can be issued but delineates one exception: “There is no limit on the number of times that a permit may be issued for temporary food events operating in connection with a festival involving organized public assembly for entertainment purposes,” reads Section 229.171. But it is the following sentence in the ordinance that opened the door for the Cobb exception.

“A festival is defined, for the purposes of this policy, as a public celebration, entertainment or series of performances of a certain kind, often held periodically,” the ordinance reads.

If you have visited the Bánh Mon trailer at its various stops around the West End, you may have noticed John Cobb – husband of Monica – sitting in a chair strumming on his guitar. Incredibly, Cobb has asserted – and the Health Department apparently agrees – that a guy playing a guitar is the same thing as “a festival involving organized public assembly for entertainment purposes.”
Asked how she can call her husband and his guitar a festival, Cobb fires back, “Because he’s good. He’s a professional; it is live entertainment and that is exactly what the law states: In order to sell simple food, you need live entertainment to be in a spot consecutively.”

That portion of the ordinance makes no reference to “simple food,” and the entertainment loophole is something that was not made available to the mostly ethnic taco truck operators put out of business in 2009 when they showed up in tears at City Hall with daughters in tow to translate for them.

John Cobb volunteered an even more expansive definition of entertainment in the ordinance, prefacing his remarks by commenting he was the son of a federal judge. “I don’t even have to play the guitar,” said Cobb. “I could do a dance, mime or just tell jokes.”
A high-ranking city official reacted with dismay when told of these comments.

“That was clearly not the intention of City Council; I call it a loophole,” said the official. “The ordinance section that talks about entertainment was poorly written” and appears to open the door for multiple interpretations.

City Councilmember W.L. Pate said he had heard good things about Cobb’s sandwiches but expressed surprise that a guy playing guitar somehow constitutes a festival.

“When I think of festivals, I think of the Neches River Festival; I think of the Cinco de Mayo festival that we have over at the park in the Avenues,” said Pate. “I’m not quite sure how loosely we can stretch the festival definition, but this is something that’s going to send me back to our legal minds at the city and ask to make sure everybody’s playing by the rules.”

James Shannon can be reached at (409) 832-1400, ext. 249, or by e-mail at james [at] beaumontbusinessjournal [dot] com.



Leave the Cobbs Alone!

I feel the Cobbs have found a clever way to combine original cuisine w/ amazingly wonderful eclectic flare. Seriously, our own town Troubadour! l love the combination & absolutely adore finding someplace so unique to dine...


I too had the food it's ok at best. Too much bread not enough meat. The price was so high and the meat so thin, that I can't see we they dont have a building already. As for the dude/ festival he is something alright! After hearing his/that "music" I now know that he's darn sure not a picnic. If I ever go by there again,I pray to god above that the dude is miming, that would sound so much better. Bottom line is, don't call yourself a small business when you are just trying to make a quick buck. Big difference

Bahn Mon

I tried it and its not a great sandwich.

I admire small business owners that play by the same set of rules as the rest of their peers. Skirting a law by calling a less than mediocre musician a "festival" is ridiculous. If you want the law changed, work to change it. Alot of the comments mention the popularity of Food Trucks in Austin and Houston, but the regulations are very stringent and everyone plays by the same set of rules. These cooks should try it.

A few thoughts

One, the Banh Mon sandwiches are truly delicious, and if you have not tried one, you absolutely should.

Two, you can look right up into Chef Monica Cobb's kitchen trailer and see how clean it is for yourself. I am rather tall, and my view has never afforded me anything but the sight of well organized and sanitary preparation area for my bread-bound viddles. I wish I could gain such a thorough gander at the kitchen of other restaurants in town. Many local eateries are so poorly kept I keep expecting Gordon Ramsey to come through the door, profanity in tow.

Third, let us all stop using the misnomer of "reporter" when discussing the author of this article. Columnist, commentator, keyboard operator - whatever you like, but let us not us not sully "reporter". There is nothing even approaching objectivity, and nary a trace of the inverted pyramid. Blatant opinion is everywhere, and adjectives abound. A reporter would write how much the sandwiches cost, but wouldn't then deem that as "pricey". I am 99 % sure that the Cobb's had the permission of the owner of that gas station to set up there. Of course, if I called myself a reporter, I would verify that last 1%. Instead, the gas station is "abandoned", because that lends itself so well to the picture the author is trying to paint. Sheesh.

Also, in the 20 or so years I have known John Cobb, I have never heard him, or even heard of him, trying to use his father's name or position to gain favor.

One final thought for everyone--I put my name on what I have to say. Why not you?

Nils Shiflett


unbelievable...Mr. Shannon & Mr. Rios (sp?) have simply picked on the wrong person this time...take a lesson from this little episode Examiner & focus your stories more on the wasteful spending in either the local govt or you really think your efforts here were necessary, especially in a climate where middle america & small business thinks that govt, local or otherwise, is out to "get them"...dont forget, your "consumers" consume Chef Monica's sandwiches...Many of Beaumont's leading families eat @ Monica's trailer daily as it adds variety and companionship w/ other patrons...also, Monica did not pre-empt your paper by calling FOX4...they were there reporting on a reporter from Dr. Oz's program who travels to good eating holes for healthy treats...check your sources Mr. "good" reporter reports w/out first checking his sources

retracting the last three

retracting the last three lines from this editorial response...FOX4 had two stories about Monica...Mr Shannon was correct about the last FOX4 news story while mine was taped earlier in the week...see, I have integrity...

Couldn't have been a better day for the Cobbs

Pretty sure it was a banner day for the truck thanks to the made people curious and come out in droves...including my own young son who's loved these since the fair. So! What might have been a disaster actually turned into a testimony of how smart our local foodies are. And that they want new stuff...not just, different with puh lenty of variety. So I say ? Legal? Check! Goodie Foodie? Check! Writer comes out to eat it? Check! People can't stay fools forever...and what this may have actually done is open up entirely new avenues for everyone in this town. So awesome. Hooray!

What a shame (and don't label me a "hippy")

I found this article very disappointing. I am a regular at John and Monica's lunch trailer and a big fan. Aside from having a fast and delicious lunch, they offer something fun and unique to our community. I love running into neighbors and friends there. It is, in a way, like a festival- with John playing and singing great tunes and people enjoying their meals together in the shade. Really? This is something to complain about? Going to the trailer, visiting with John, Monica, and Kim, enjoying a delicious shrimp Banh Mon, well, sometimes it's the highlight of my day and well, it's just good karma.

I went by there for lunch

I went by there for lunch today and it was amazing. I highly encourage people to give it a try. There is definitely nothing else like it in this area.

As I was walking up to the window the intrepid reporter that wrote this article was ordering his lunch. Trying to make amends? One wonders whether he did that on his own or if there was enough backlash form the story that he was told to go down and make nice.......

He was kind enough to let the Chef take his picture as he was getting his order.


My hometown, where I grew up, moved back to, and have now raised a family, is full of, and is run by complete idiots.

Let's trucks are flourishing in Houston, Austin and Los Angeles, as the article recognizes.

Yet, in their infinite wisdom, our esteemed City Leaders have decided they need to be severely restricted.

No wonder this town sucks monkey balls, and people are lining up to move out.

I agree - this article is an oddity!

I'm not sure what the author of this is trying to accomplish.

Rally the City Council to FURTHER restrict small business?

My hats off to you at The Examiner. Time well spent on this "expose" of the ONLY local food truck we have in Beaumont.

Thanks for probably getting the city to close the loophole on this and screw it up for all of us.

I have never eaten there but do plan to. Hope they are still around.

Amen. Yeah, let's us big

Yeah, let's us big dawgs discourage small business, shun anything that might make us STAND OUT or be a FUN PLACE to be, and let's shut down good food 'cuz we can MAKE people eat at the places we own!

Let's see both sides here...

As someone who knows and admires both the reporter and the chef in question, I think we all need to step back and look at what happened here.

Several years ago, the city (IMO) put lots of vendors out of business for what seemed to be shaky reasons. Now, a crafty business owner has put together a traveling restaurant that seems to be EXACTLY what Beaumont has wanted. They comply with the letter of the health laws and they're very popular.

Mr. Shannon's report, while cheeky AND embarrassing for the Cobb's, has a subtext: those original taco truck owners were most likely just as valid as the Banh Mon truck. I don't think the Cobb's are doing anything wrong: they read the law, they interpreted it, they pay the fees, etc. In fact, their sandwiches and salads are darned delicious, and I trust the cleanliness of their food WAY more than I do a couple of brick-and-mortars that I've now sworn off for being absolutely FILTHY!

Further, it's extremely important to know how to work with the media. They are not your enemies. Be friendly, be open, be nice and you typically get that treatment back in spades. It's typical for someone to be freaked out by reporters, but they (with some minor exceptions) are NOT out to get you.

So, Ms. Cobb, enjoy the publicity and realize that you're mostly being celebrated as an underdog hero. You can't buy that kind of publicity. Mr. Shannon, enjoy the notariety and the fact that the story was good. Maybe together the two of you can affect some change in the way the city handles mobile food vendors.

Great reply; couldn't have

Great reply; couldn't have said it better myself.

Opening A Food Truck V.S. Opening A Restaurant

First let me say that I am a Big supporter of Chef Cobb.And I hope that she is successful in all her ventures. But as a restauranteur who built a restaurant with my own two hands having to follow all the rules and regulations. I praise the Examiner for their original unbiased story. In dealing with food and food safety, I feel that we all should be on an equal playing field.Taco Trucks should be legalized with the same quidlines as restaurants. That way we are eating safely and not at a "One Man Festival". Go Examiner!!!! Go Chef Cobb!!!!

Food Safety Regulations

Looking at the Health Reports on some brick and mortar restaurants they don't follow the regulations and you want to talk smack about food trucks?

Thanks for all your

Thanks for all your support!!! I wish you the best with your new endeavor. Hope it goes as well as Fitch. We'd love to see you sometime at our "One man festival" legal, clean, food trailer!! Thanks for supporting local business.

Chef Monica Cobb

Hoyrah for Cobb

I totally agree with the post here, I am highly skiptical of the Health department motives. It look like they are working for the resturant and grocery store owners not the publick. There is a bussiness coalition in this area that controls what the publick has access to. They are protecting their pockets. The Health department has used the reponsiblity to enfringe on the rights of the publick.

The Shrimp Bahn Mon is my fave!!

Whatever your intentions were in writing this article the only thing you have accomplished is laying out the best argument there is on why Beaumont should have food trailers and why we should all be supporting - Chef Monica and her family for bringing us the Banh Mon Trailer.

"representative of the gourmet food truck movement popular in Houston, Austin and Los Angeles and celebrated in the Cooking Channel show Eat Street. We regularly patronize these trucks on visits to the aforementioned cities where they are flourishing, but they were essentially banned in Beaumont."

It saddens me that my hometown lacks vision and enthusiasm for opportunities such as food trailers. You might want to check out this article recently published by USA Today on a fashion trailer in Port Oregon - We wouldn't want Beaumont to get caught off guard.

P.S. I like having a mini festival everyday :)

is it the examiner that

is it the examiner that sucks, or just its whiney "reporter"? Someone has a personal agenda there, that is for sure.

Is this truck owned by BISD?

I thought the examiner only reported on black folk! Good job and keep up the good work, if they are not following the rules pay someone off and get the rules changed like everyone else does.


Wow,,,this must be a slow newsweek. Dr. Carroll Thomas is about to walk with a HUGE severance package and this is what you come up with attacking a family trying to earn a buck. This is an attack...loophole or not. If it was ok'd by the health dept. leave them alone. Something tells me these quotes are taken out of context. The part of the story in which Mr. Shannon calls himself a legitimate reporter is up for discussion. Great so you got a job and you have a forum in which is one sided. You most likely took Mr. Cobbs quotes out of context. Where is your transcript? Or do you just get to call yourself legitimate and we take your word for it. This is a grown man raising a family that did not inheret daddys business. How dare you trash a dead man's son. Who's obviously out there working because he has to pay the bills. Last time I checked its a 103 out there and they are not out there providing a service and product because hes a trust fund baby. Legitimate reporter my arse!


Friday we will be at 4585 calder in the bonnie cokinos parking lot, next to jacks pak it from 11am to 2 pm. fresh delicious banh mon sandwiches or salad bowls, live entertainment with special guests (!), gluten free cupcakes, ice cold teas, sunshine and PEACE!!!! see you there.

Beaumont Sucks

This is the whole reason Beaumont sucks. The examiner is a joke. As a small business owner I am glad I do not live there any more. I really like how this "reporter" if you can call him that does not have any evidence of bad service or bad food but the only thing he can do is talk about a loop hole. Who cares?

The examiner is a joke, find something real to write about. Instead lets put down a small business because they are doing well and trying to change a small town that is reluctant to change.

You should write about how Boremont will never grow up and have real culture and an identity. Its people like this reporter and the examiner that should look at what positive things they are providing.

This whole area sucks, stinks and is dying

I am a native of the area...was gone for 20 years and job brought me back here...have hated it ever since. The AIR stinks more, driving around the area it seems the maority of houses are falling apart, all the money people care about are the refineries (who have not brought in NEW jobs....Keystone?? ALL temps! Once its done, there may be 10-20 perm jobs left...yeah thats a big growth...and on top of that, you have racism in the blacks and whites......blacks think they are above the law, the white cant get their act together because they are the MINORITY here now....and of course that wonderful football stadium just next door to FRAUD Park....geesh what a joke.......GET REAL TRIANGLE and get NEW REAL DECENT paying jobs in here (not min wage.....but 15-20/hr jobs so people can SURVIVE!!!! I saw this area head downhill over the last 40 years and you fat cats with all the money and clout don't want to lose control..and all the lawyers here scare businesses off because of all the lawsuits filed and won here against big business....HEY Umphrey, how about building affordable housing for working people so the tax base can be better?? OH NO, that will cost you a helo ride or two to your ranch near Hillister...This area is a joke..most people are back woods bubbas.......culture? Getting drunk and "mudding" seems to top the list....downtowns are empty day and night....and other places you dont want to be there IN daytime.....regardless of YOUR race......the refinery folks keep making the big money...but if you arent a grunt or pipefitter, you are SOL in making decent money here...especially if you are over 35-40...BOREMONT and the rest of the area sux....and you wonder WHY noone wants to live here? Hell when the kids graduate LU, they are gone....there goes growth and more tax base GONE!!!! DIG your head out of the ground and DO something...or get out of the way and let new blood do the job right!!!!

I agree with most of the

I agree with most of the responces on here. We actually have a little local flavor and some character surrounding the Bahn Mon trailer. A great change of pace from all of the chain restaurants in this town. This town lacks any identity, but little trailers like this does add some. If other trailers can come up with their own "entertainment" more power to them. There are definitely more important issues in this city than this.

Food trucks

It's simple, either any one can operate a food truck in Beaumont, or no one can!

Austin "logic"?

Chef Cobb's "logic", if you want to call it that is ridiculous and was most likely very lucky to find someone in the City of Beaumont Health Department feeble minded enough to swallow it.

That being said I think Mr. Shannon has written a pretty fair column despite being subjected to the childishness of Ms. Cobb's accusations and name calling. Really, sweetheart, GROW UP!

The problem, as usual, is the law. The city of Beaumont either has the choice to close this "loophole" being exploited by the Cobbs or rewrite the ondinance in a way that allows street vendors. Pretty simple.

Either that or Ms. Cobb can really jump into the "small business world" and acquire a "real" building and a "real" business location to peddle her sandwiches like the rest of the hard working restaurateurs in this city. Imagine that?

By the way, though I have not frequented her traveling food trailer, I have it on good work that Ms. Cobb's sandwich creations are very good though lacking in variety.


The military serves some

The military serves some members out of portable kitchens and are able to met food sanitation standards. So why cant a food truck? There are plenty of brick and mortar restaurants that are nasty in Beaumont plus the food is blah and overpriced. These owners want to cry foul about food trucks. Gimme a break.

Know from whence thy bloggeth

You obviously just like to hear yourself rattle on!

1st paragraph... go there, read the sign. Superior rating. Wad that one and place in trash.

2nd paragraph... You were at the interview? Everything written in the article came from Mr. Shannon. The only name calling and accusations were penned by Mr. Shannon. Really, sweetheart. End

3rd paragraph... The only thing that makes any sense yet.

4th paragraph... You must work for one of the franchises that lobbied for the law in the first place. No matter how small it appears I think Ms. Cobb IS in the "small business world" That's right you haven't been there yet! The trailer costs real money and the truck that pulls it costs real money. Sounds like a small business to me. Imagine that?

5th paragraph... Well, that sums it up. You haven't been there but have an opinion about it. Sounds like the quality of journalism we have today! I haven't met you but I'm sure the S. stands for Shannon?


Wow, S. Very surprised you

Wow, S. Very surprised you feel that way. Do you own a restaurant around here or something? The City shutting down the food trucks was typical Beaumont BS. Hurting local business instead of finding a way to work with them. Chef Cobb should be applauded for her entrepreneurial spirit.

I also can't believe you think this is a good article. It's was obviously written with sole intent of getting Mrs. Cobb in trouble and embarrassing her. That's good journalism? I mean, I know it's just the freakin' Examiner, but can we have SOME journalistic standards?

I didn't say it was good

Aw hell, Pappy!

I didn't say the article was good, just fair considering the circumstances.

The Examiner has had all of it's BISD thunder stolen by Jerry Jordan's new gig (a bargain for two dollars a month and all the BISD scandals you can stand not to mention a little slap and tickle thrown in here and there) and I had surmised shortly before his sudden departure last April that the Examiner would have to resort to lurid tales of hot West End Wandas and pool boys with wet backs after the take over by Dr. Chargois puts the district in a state of Nirvana but I supposed food trailers could do the trick as well.

Nonetheless, you've got to give Mr. Shannon credit. Unlike the unenterprising reporters at the Beaumont Enterprise, he can actually write a multi-paragraph news article with correct punctuation, good sentence structure, correct spelling and clear communication of ideas. Mr. Shannon must have been the king of the five paragraph composition in his high school days.

Pappy, my idea of a good restaurant is fry it until it's sanitary Catfish Kitchen.


CAT 5 Review

I guess you missed Cat 5's news article in the Enterprise on the food truck:0 Cat 5 made Mr. Shannon look like a neighborhood busybody sticking his nose into and making opinions that were unsubstantiated. Mr Shannon could have learned how to write an article about food from her. In my opinion Mr. Shannon was engaging in bad reporting by trying to make drama instead of writng some facts.

I challenge you to reveal

I challenge you to reveal yourself!

Chef Monica Cobb

Ah ha!

It seems I have inadvertently p!ssed off an aggregation of Beaumont hippies.

Oh, the delight! It brings a tear to my eye it so reminds me of the old days on the Bayou.

And what a cheeky lass you are to demand I reveal my identity, but I'll do better than that, love: I'll give you some golden advice.

Since the proverbial cat is now out of the bag, instead of conniving to get around the silly law the city passed some years ago before you even hit town with your epicurean travel trailer, I suggest that you might be in the position to effect a permanent change in our pedestrian little town and start a petition to ACTUALLY CHANGE THE LAW.

Be a hero and not a slacker!


I love the old days on the

I love the old days on the bayou.

Steve Elliot, give in to your

Steve Elliot, give in to your surroundings; love thy Banh mon.

why go for a "real" building

why go for a "real" building when thats what everyone else does? why cant this town embrace a little something different? what the hell is wrong with you people? and variety??? there's currently 7 different sandwiches and 4 different salads. if theres not something there you want, then dont stop there. its not a "loophole" and there are no "favors" being done by anyone in the city or health department. just because you weren't smart enough to think of it first doesnt mean its wrong.

The point is all the other

The point is all the other people who were put out of work. It was the city's way of ethnic cleansing and its bullshit. Now a West End white girl, who everybody downtown obviously considers a "good ol'" boy/girl magically finds a loop hole. Its shady. On the other hand its a great product and its the perfect example why America is so great and she should be applauded for her efforts. It just needs to be fair to everybody. Not just west ender's in the know. This town is too much like the movie "Roadhouse"

It's a bit ironic that the

It's a bit ironic that the owner of the Examiner is also a/previous silent partner-owner of Carlitos. Which is the restaurant mentioned in your article that complained about the taco trucks- which resulted in the closing of the taco trucks in 2009. Sorry, Mr.Shannon, you and the "ethnic taco truck operators" have been duped by The Examiner.

west end???

the taco trucks of three years ago had standing water in the areas surrounding them, moved daily so they couldn't really be inspected, etc. it has nothing to do with WHO is running it, or where, but HOW. we are clean, up to code, inspected, everything. not everything is about race. exdvd

Banhmon Food Truck

I am really unclear as to why you would want to persecute a local business for being in business. Our local government does it's level best to hold this City back from Progressive growth without the help of local media! Adding your 2 cents to a non-issue just makes you look as asinine as the rest of them.

Employee speaking...

The banh mon trailer is, and has been from day 1, operating legally, with health permits, inspections, the whole 9 yards. I work there every day. there's no tacos, no festivals, just good healthy clean fresh food with a hip vibe that beaumont and the yahoos from the local tabloid just dont 'get'. John cobb has never once used his (late) fathers name to gain any favors. And james shannon IS creepy in my opinion. Go 'examine' BISD again, and leave the hard working forward-thinking creative people to try and add a little flavor to this armpit of texas that we live in.
Kimberly brown, the girl in the window at the banh mon trailer. 4585 calder, bonnie cokinos parking lot

Can someone tell me where I

Can someone tell me where I can find this truck? I want to try the food and support a local entrepreneur.

Total Rubbish

This article is clearly nothing but a personal attack on Chef Cobb.

If this is an attempt on The Examiner's part to discredit her, you have failed. You clearly cannot say anything bad about her food or health standards because she follows the code!!! Why was this article even published? Sounds like someone who has influence at The Examiner is just jealous of Chef's Cobb talent and accomplishments... or trying to throw her out of business.

Luckily for her, Chef Cobb has an ever-growing list of loyal followers of her product. Who LOVE her delicious healthy sandwiches.

This article is just rubbish.

No one cares how your reporter was treated...

There is hardly anything fair and unbiased about this article but I bet there will be more live music in Beaumont now because of it.

One thing is for sure, Taco trucks, or Bánh Mi trailers beat the hell out of the chain restaurants that plague our city's landscape. Without laws that encourage and foster grassroots economic development in all sorts of Businesses... Beaumont's main selling point to people traveling through will remain, we are home to "the cleanest restrooms in Texas."

Why is the Examiner trying to

Why is the Examiner trying to get a local small business in trouble? Is this the best use of their limited resources? Is this one of the biggest issues our community is facing?

This is just another example of the City of Beaumont punishing small businesses for no reason. This article should be about the City Council losing tax revenue to the detriment of the citizens of Beaumont.

Why include the excerpts from the conversation with the owner? Are you trying to embarrass her? Why?

Pretty bush league article.

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