Robber shot four times

Robber shot four times

Botched attempt followed unrelated robbery two weeks earlier


A 35-year-old Orange man is in stable condition Wednesday night after his attempt to rob a Beaumont jewelry store went horribly awry, resulting in four bullets finding their way into his torso, courtesy of the store owner.

According to Beaumont Police Sgt. Rob Flores, Joshua Nowland went into Randy’s Fine Jewelers, located at 229 Dowlen Road, not long after 9 a.m., posing as a customer. Randy Flatau and his wife, Theresa, were helping another customer when Flatau went to help Nowland, who after looking at a couple items, declared it was a robbery and ordered the owners and the single customer to the ground. Flatau didn’t oblige, and a short struggle ensued with a gunshot going off into Flatau’s upper leg and exiting out the back. Flatau then went to get his gun while the robber “rummaged” through the store, according to police. Flatau then fired shots at Nowland, with four of them hitting him – one in his bicep, one near his spine, one in his abdomen and another in his upper torso. The wounded Nowland staggered out of the jewelry store before collapsing in the walkway in front of the store. Flatau held him at gunpoint until police arrived.

Flatau was also taken to the hospital with the gunshot wound to his leg; however he was released later in the day on Wednesday. As for Nowland, he was taken into surgery for the wounds he suffered – in addition to being charged with aggravated robbery – and his bond was set at $150,000. Of course, he is in police custody while at the hospital.

Flores indicated police recovered a ’90s-model Nissan Pathfinder with California license plates behind the jewelry store that police believe belonged to Nowland. That vehicle is also in police custody. It’s been a rough few weeks for the Flatau family, as the jewelry store was hit two weeks ago – again in broad daylight. At least four men were suspected to have committed that robbery, and Flores said no one has been arrested. He said detectives do not think Wednesday’s robbery was connected to the robbery two weeks ago.