Robbery suspect who claimed info on Teel murders released from jail

atayanna douglas

Atayanna Douglas, 18, who claimed to have information on the Capital Murders of Kera and Kyndal Teel, was released from custody Nov. 28 for lack of evidence tying her to three counts of aggravated robbery for crimes that took place at or around the time of the shooting deaths of the mother and child.

Capital Murder charges against previously suspected shooter Jared Bias, 22, were dropped earlier in the month after Beaumont Police Department detectives investigating the case determined Douglas had lied about hers and Bias’ involvement in the shooting and other robberies associated with gun violence that occurred in a short timeframe surrounding the murder.

Bias, a suspected YOG gang member, remains in jail on unrelated charges.

Following the June 6 shooting of the Teels, detectives reached out to the community for help finding the culprits who fled the scene. Douglas, who police identified as a prostitute, came forward and spoke to officers, her attorney sitting close-by at the interrogation during which she said she had seen Bias shoot Teel, killing her and her then-unborn daughter. The baby, Kyndal, was later delivered at a local hospital but died soon after birth.

According to Officer Carol Riley, detectives continued to relentlessly investigate the fatal June 6 shooting even after speaking with Douglas and arresting Bias based on her statement.

“Through hard work and thorough investigation, detectives figured out she was lying,” said Riley. “We have everybody involved in the case in custody on other charges now. They are juveniles, so we cannot identify them at this time.

“These guys are predators. Atayanna did a disservice to Beaumont and this community by protecting these guys by lying and keeping predators on the street to commit more crimes.”

Sgt. Cody Guedry said Capital Murder charges against the juveniles would likely follow their legal certifications as adults, for which there should be a hearing by the end of the year, according to him.