Rosenwald documentary coming back to the Jefferson this Saturday

Rosenwald documentary coming back to the Jefferson this Saturday

On Feb. 11, West Tabernacle Baptist Church will be showing a documentary on the life of Julius Rosenwald, Pastor Jerry High said in a press release Feb. 8. 

Mr. Rosenwald was the DCEO of Sears and Roebuck at the turn of the century. He met Booker T. Washington, who invited him to visit Tuskegee College. Rosenwald was impressed and offered to help Tuskegee. Instead, Washington talked him into helping build elementary and secondary schools in the South. The schools were built with collaboration from Rosenwald, the local African American Community, and the local school boards. These schools became the feeder institutions for many of the historically black colleges and universities in America. Many well-known African Americans or their parents attended Rosenwald Schools. 

Additionally, during the migration of African-Americans from the South, Rosenwald contributed to the building of YMCAs for men working in the south. 

West Tabernacle is also providing speakers to local high schools and middle schools to enlighten them on this little known part of our history. Stephanie Deutch, who is married to the great-grandson of Rosenwald and the author of a book about the relationship between Rosenwald and Washington, will be speaking at West Brook High School. Frankie Downs Dillard and Paulette Downs Wellington, whose father was the principal of a Rosenwald school, will be speaking at Clifton J. Ozen High School and Odom Academy. They will provide insight into how communities managed to build schools that were successful. 

Rosenwald was also shown last September at the Jefferson as part of Temple Emanuel's Love Thy Neighbor annual initiative, as previously reported by The Examiner. 

The showing will be held at 3:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. at the Jefferson Theater at 345 Fannin Street. Tickets for the documentary can be obtained by calling West Tabernacle Baptist Church at (409) 842-3360. The church address is at 3605 Waco Street.

- West Tabernacle Baptist Church