Scammers targeting Entergy customers

Scammers targeting Entergy customers

Warning from the Orange County Sheriff's Office:

In recent weeks, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office has received a rise in reports of scammers targeting Entergy customers.  Entergy is aware of the scam and has an Internet web page dedicated to this particular scam.  The link is:

This particular scam involves a phone call to an Entergy customer by a person claiming to be an employee of Entergy.  The victims are told that they are currently behind on their electric bill and their electricity will be turned off if the bill is not paid in full within an hour.  Then they are directed to transfer funds electronically, sometimes through the system known as "MoneyPak.”

Entergy acknowledges that it sometimes places courtesy calls for a disconnect notice, but they are usually recorded messages.  Entergy insists they will not demand immediate payment over the phone.

While the Sheriff’s Office is unaware of any persons in Orange County falling victim to the scam, we are hoping to keep the public aware of the scams in which we see an increase.  If you believe you have been a victim of this scam, or any other scam, please contact the Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Keith Merritt cautions all citizens to be wary of suspicious phone calls when someone is asking for personal information or demanding payment.  These are usually indicators that it is a potential scam.