Senseless act kills father of three

Senseless act kills father of three

It was going to be a fantastic weekend. Gary and Lisa Naquin, married since 2001, together since 1997, had a surprise in store last Friday, Jan. 27, for their two boys, 11-year-old Tylor and 5-year-old Caden. Both had received straight A’s on their report cards the week prior, and Gary wanted to do something special for them.

“He got off work early that day,” said Lisa Naquin, 33. “We had rented a cabin at Boomtown and we were going to take them fishing. They’ve got a little place there to build a fire, so we were going to build a campfire and roast marshmallows. That was our reward to them.”

The groceries had been bought, the fishing poles were in the back of the truck – which Gary had just bought a week earlier – and the boys had just been picked up from school Friday afternoon in Groves and the Naquins were headed to Boomtown in Rose City. Gary, 34, was driving his 2006 Dodge Ram, Tylor was sitting behind him and Lisa, who was in the passenger seat, and Caden was sitting behind her in the back seat when Gary merged onto US-69 northbound from Highway 73 westbound.

“We were joking around and talking about who was going to catch the biggest fish,” Lisa said of the conversation in the truck just before their lives changed instantly.

Traveling in the left hand lane of the highway, where the speed limit is 70 mph, Gary’s truck slammed into the back of a 2004 Freightliner truck operated by Kansas City Southern, which had slammed on its brakes after Zola Wilson’s Hyundai Accent had come to an abrupt stop on a busy highway at 3:30 on a Friday afternoon.

Wilson would later tell police that she was upset after a “rock from the tire of the KCS truck hit her windshield and cracked it.” According to a probable cause arrest warrant, Wilson stated that after the rock hit her windshield, she turned on her emergency flashers, passed the truck in the right-hand lane and then got “directly in front of the vehicle” the warrant states. Wilson then “applied her brakes in front of the KCS truck, almost coming to a complete stop. The driver of the KCS truck, due to Wilson abruptly applying her brakes, struck Wilson’s vehicle, causing this three-vehicle major accident.”

Attempts to reach Wilson, who was charged last Friday with aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury, were unsuccessful as of Wednesday. However, Wilson, who is free on bond pending possible manslaughter charges after Gary Naquin died from his injuries Monday, was very combative when reached by phone at her home in Port Arthur Wednesday night.

“My attorney is talking to the press! Bye-Bye!” Wilson said before hanging up the phone and declining to give her attorney’s name. When reached again by phone a few minutes later, the person answering, when asked for Wilson’s attorney, altered his or her voice and said, “I don’t know who you’re talking about; I think you have the wrong number” and promptly hung up.





Wrong Person

This has to be the only time that I could even possibly see saying that this had to be the best time ever for a trucker to have been texting and not paying attention the the IDIOT in front of him. I will pray for her to get the maximum possible for Voluntary Manslaughter.

My heart goes out to this

My heart goes out to this family. I'm a long haul truck driver and I see senseless acts all day. Wish people and our government would see that it's not always the truckers fault. America needs to push for reforming our driver education system instead of making a truck drivers life harder. Sorry I rambled on but my heart goes out to this family.


I am very angry that our society has come to the point that we feel the "right" to get in front of a truck and stop on a major freeway because a rock hit us. It's not like the truck driver did this on purpose. What on earth was this lady thinking?

My heart truly aches for this family. I can't possibly imagine what they must be going through.

However I must point out, that while I'm angry for this lady's callous, and stupid actions, I am reminded that she needs just as many prayers going up to our gracious Heavenly father, as the young family that she destroyed. While she may not be showing remorse, she too must be devastated by her actions. I do not have sympathy for her, nor am I implying that she receive sympathy, but she needs prayers just the same. She may not be responding the way the public thinks she should, she may be mortified at her actions, realizing what she has done, on the other hand, she may not. We simply don't know, but again, Please be praying for this lady too. Her soul is no less important that the man she killed.

Taking Responsibility

The woman who cause this accident is not taking responsibility that she destroy a family's life. This woman was crazy, how could you make a complete stop on a busy highway because a rock broke your windshield. When we drive anywhere we have to take responsibility for our own life and the life of others. I feel for this family becuase they have lost a husband and a father. I would like to let this family know you are in my prayers and I ask God to strengthen your family.

My prayers go out to the

My prayers go out to the family and kids,I did not know them but the story touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes.I hope that she is prosecuted for her actions.They werent only senseless they were cruel and unjust.Its strange how people that cause such hurt to others in car accidents come out with little to no wounds and have such little concern or remorse for the ones they hurt,but god is watching and she will pay the ultimate price.

That was us posted about gary

That was us posted about gary lisa tylor and caden theyre our cousins andwe meantt every word about zola wilson paying fHlor this. This is a big strong heart strong group of families all tied to the naquins and none of us will ever give up til shes held responsible be it in court or not.

This is our family. He was

This is our family. He was our cousin. He was adaddy to three young boys and a husband to a completly distraught now single mom. He was a wonderful son to his parents and in laws. A great and loyal friend and a extremely hard worker to his coworkers. And what is causing us such torn and scary feelings of resentment is that this awful selfish DANGEROUS woman whos blatantly showing NO remorse for her callous and despicacle act of rage was given the opportunity to bond out on 5000 dollar bond the very next day...not even given driving restrictions...just handed bk her keys to her precios car to go out and murder another family out of pure greed for her self. This family here is not gonna bk down until justice for gary is served. She may be refusing to show sympathy with words but the day will come for her to offer her "condolences" with her life...a long one in prison where killers belong. We will get opportunity to face her in court before sentencing we will all give victims impact statements and we will not rest until the max penalty is handed to her.


Some young father lost his life because of a broken windshield on a frickin Hyundai?? just think of the Children that were there when their Father wat fataly wounded. and how it will affect the familys lives forever. I hope they throw the book at this Hood Rat!!

poor family

I feel horrible that this young family is going thru this they don't deserve any of this because a lady was pissed about a rock!!! She took this man from his family and now their life as they knew it will never be again, how hard is it to write down a license plate number and call the company to report the rock cracking hee windshield.... well the Lord has this man now,....

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