Service dog provider puts Groves family on alert

Service dog provider puts Groves family on alert

A Groves family is taking legal action against the company that sold them a $20,000 service dog after the company, Guardian Angel Service Dogs, itself threatened litigation if the family didn’t turn over all the money it raised from fundraisers almost five months ago.

The McLeod family – Ryan, Tara and their twin sons Racer and Rider – along with a flood of supporters from throughout Southeast Texas, held a number of fundraisers for Racer, who suffers from Type 1 diabetes, commonly referred to as juvenile diabetes. The money raised went toward the purchase of a diabetic alert dog. Through scent detection, he can sense – when properly trained – when a person’s blood sugar level rises or falls to dangerous levels. Money was also raised to go toward ongoing medical care for Racer.

The McLeods are plaintiffs in a declaratory judgment filed last week in the 58th Judicial District in Jefferson County asking to sever ties with Guardian Angel Service Dogs after they received a dog that wasn’t completely trained and still isn’t 100 percent capable of warning the family if Racer has blood sugar that’s too high or too low.

While the training is part of the issue, Dan Warren, president of Warren Enterprises LLC, which also owns Guardian Angels Service Dogs Inc., a not-for-profit company out of Montpelier, Va., is demanding that the extra money made by the McLeods’ fundraising efforts go to him. In addition to Guardian Angels, Warren also owns Warren Retrievers, a company that breeds Labrador retrievers, which he also uses as the Guardian Angel service dogs.

Guardian Angels was registered with, which tracks nonprofit organizations; however, they did not supply the site with any IRS information, including a 990, which is to provide the public with financial information to ensure it is not abusing its tax-exempt status.

In a letter from Warren’s attorney, John W. Anderson, dated June 5 of this year, he states that the McLeods received “well in excess of $60,000 in charitable donations from fundraising activities” and that because the McLeods promoted the event “as being tax deductible to the donors and for the benefit of Guardian Angel,” Warren and his company are entitled to the excess money raised by the McLeods.

Messages left for both Warren and his attorney, Anderson, were not returned.

Matthew Morgan of the Reaud, Morgan & Quinn law firm is assisting attorney John Werner in the matter for the McLeods pro bono and said the McLeods fulfilled their monetary obligation with Warren and his company by paying the $20,000 for the dog and that any additional money raised is being used for Racer’s ongoing medical care.

The McLeods’ petition to the court states that the McLeods held several fundraisers and “through the generosity and caring of the community, including many people who had never even met Racer, enough money was raised not only to pay the Defendant (Warren), but also to set up a separate account devoted exclusively to Racer’s ongoing medical needs.”

The McLeods are seeking a declaration that they not be required to pay more than the $20,000 already paid for the dog and that Warren is not entitled to any money in Racer’s separate account.

McLeod argues that while they did use the Guardian Angel name when promoting the event – which Warren said they could do – there was never any mention made about excess funds going back to Guardian Angel Service Dogs and that Warren offered to help with fundraising along the way. McLeod also said the family never used Guardian Angels’ tax ID number.

“They don’t owe them money,” said Morgan. “The McLeods paid the $20,000 for the dog. (Guardian Angel) owes them some training, but we’ve offered to cut that off and go our separate ways, but they won’t.”

A dog that doesn’t alert

“We were told we’d be able to sleep through the night and if the dog noticed Racer’s blood sugar change, he’d come and alert us,” said Ryan McLeod, a Beaumont firefighter who is perplexed and frustrated with the whole situation. “My wife and I would’ve never gone with this company if we’d known we were going to have to train the dog ourselves.”

Guardian Angel provides one week of training when the dog is delivered and two days of training every 90 days for the next two years as part of the agreement. All other required training is to be done by the owner.The McLeods’ twin sons are 3 1/2 years old. Racer, in addition to diabetes, also suffers from albinism, which according to his father, is very rare considering neither he nor his wife have the gene for albinism. It’s the albinism that causes Racer’s pale skin, cloud-white hair and reddish eyes. There’s no medical proof that it’s a bi-product of his diabetes.

Late in November 2011 after a near fatal incident with Racer, the family began researching service dog companies and diabetic alert dog providers and Warren’s Guardian Angel Service Dog page was one of the first companies to pop up.

“Our main concern was at night,” said McLeod. “One night we checked him, he was perfectly normal to make it through to the morning, and 45 minutes later he was having a seizure.” Fortunately, Racer was sleeping with Tara that night and she felt him having the seizure. Had he not been sleeping with his mother that night and in his own bed instead, he could have died.

McLeod said most of the diabetic alert dog companies require the buyer to travel to the company to pick the dog up, whereas Guardian Angel actually flies out and delivers the dog to the customer.

“I talked to him on the phone, and he had me crying on the phone talking to him,” McLeod said of his initial conversation with Warren.

“He also told us the dog would be trained to alert when we received him,” said McLeod, adding that most service dogs go through one to two years of training before they’re given to a family. Gunner, the chocolate Labrador retriever the McLeod’s received, was 3 months old when he was delivered. “Obedience-wise, we haven’t had any issues,” said McLeod. “As far as being out in public, he listens and he does what he’s supposed to.”

McLeod said Warren assured him the dog would be trained to “alert,” meaning the dog would be able to notify Ryan and Tara if the dog, through scent detection training, noticed Racer’s blood sugar was too high or low. Ultimately, the dog is supposed to “paw” a person when Racer’s blood sugar is too high and “touch” with his nose if the blood sugar is too low.

At 5 months old, Gunner, while a good dog, is still learning how to detect, and can’t yet indicate high or low blood sugar. When Gunner was dropped off in May, the trainers that accompanied the dog indicated that the McLeods would be responsible for training the dog on how to “alert.”

“We said, ‘Wait a minute, the whole reason we got this dog was because it knows how to alert,’” said McLeod. “We told (Warren) my wife and I both have jobs, and between the two boys, we have very busy and hectic lives, and we don’t have time to train a dog.”

Maria Ikenberry, executive director for Eyes, Ears, Nose and Paws, a service dog company out of Carrboro, N.C., said she’s never dealt with anyone from Guardian Angel and has only heard of the company. A relatively new company, Ikenberry said Eyes, Ears, Nose and Paws has trained three diabetic alert dogs, and they took up to two years to train. She said her company has eight dogs it’s training right now and prefers training their dogs on-site as opposed to having the dogs trained with the owners.

“If you talk to Assistance Dogs International, you’ll find that that is not the standard for assistance dogs,” said Ikenberry. “What you’ll also find is there’s no standard for diabetic assistance dogs, either.”Bonnie Bergin, a pioneer in the service dog industry who actually came up with the idea of service dogs for people in wheelchairs 37 years ago, said it is preferred by most service dog agencies who are members of Assistance Dogs International that dogs be trained for up to two years by certified professional trainers as opposed to having a dog trained by a family with occasional training visits.

“I don’t see how parents as described, with the small amount of instruction, can do an adequate job training the dog,” said Bergin, who runs the Bergin University of Canine Studies, just outside of Santa Rosa, Calif.

Spreading the word electronically

Late Wednesday afternoon, a Facebook post was put on the Guardian Angel Service Dogs page by Warren letting all the members of the group know that “publicity was forthcoming” regarding the McLeods’ legal action against the company, which “may or may not be true,” according to the post. Warren indicated that a reporter from The Examiner might be in touch with Guardian Angel’s clientele, and if so, it was their discretion to speak with the media, but he was confident anyone who spoke would be “honest and forthcoming in your remarks about Guardian Angel Service Dogs. You, our friends that we have served, are our best line of defense against falsehoods. Thank you for your support.”

One of those customers who came to the defense of Warren and Guardian Angel was Jamie Shasteen, whose daughter Alissa suffers from Type 1 diabetes and is expected to get her dog in the fall. While the family, which lives in Illinois, is still raising funds for the dog, she said it’s a “moral” issue and “common sense” that any excess funds raised by a family working with Guardian Angel be given to the company since it’s being raised for Guardian Angel and using the Guardian Angel name.

“The McLeod family fundraised using Guardian Angel Service Dog’s name,” said Shasteen. “They exceeded what they needed to pay for the dog, and it’s common sense when you go over, that money goes back. They’re just mad that they fundraised using that name and that tax ID number and they were told they couldn’t keep the money after they kept the money.”

Shasteen said that Warren made it very clear “from the beginning” that excess funds raised by families would be put back in a fund that would go to other families in the same state looking for diabetic alert dogs. She also harped on the McLeods for their lack of “research” since the company clearly indicates training is done primarily by the family and not done prior to the dog’s arrival.

“They should’ve known that before they got the dog,” said Shasteen.

While her arguments certainly support Guardian Angel’s contentions, Shasteen was a little shaky when it came to details regarding the information that “clearly” states the fundraising and training protocol.

“That’s stuff that you find out when you start with this company,” said Shasteen. “You can ask Dan yourself.” She said she’s known about the company for more than a year, but has been working with them for “about five months.” When pressed further about where the protocol is listed, Shasteen continued, “I don’t know if (Dan) specifically told me that, but it’s common sense. It’s common sense to anybody with common sense.”McLeod said neither he nor his wife was ever briefed or informed on the fundraising and training protocol from Warren. A glimpse at Warren’s Web site mentions how he offers help fundraising for clients buying a dog through Guardian Angels, yet provides no insight as to what is done with excess funds.

“He’s great working with you throughout the fundraising process leading up to buying the dog,” said McLeod, “but once he gets paid, it’s impossible to get in touch with him and he passes off everything on to his trainers. If I’d known we were going to go through all this, we’d have never chosen this company.”

Fred Davis can be reached at (409) 832-1400, ext. 227, or by e-mail at fred [at] theexaminer [dot] com.



Warren Enterprises, LLC is

Warren Enterprises, LLC is not affiliated with Guardian Angel in any manner and does not "own" Guardian Angel."

That's because...Guardian Angel Service Dogs is a fully incorporated 501 (c) (3) organization and is the philanthropic arm of Warren Retrievers and Diabetic Alert Dogs by Warren Retrievers.

Ok so it is false to say he

Ok so it is false to say he has NO affiliation!!!

Perhaps McLeod's this has

Perhaps McLeod's this has gone too far. We also have a DAD from GASD who is only 14 weeks and has hit every low blood sugar spot on. She is a puppy and does require lots of obedience but the lack of alerts and training falls on you the owner for not doing as you are told by the trainer. I remember you from our group and I am disappointed to hear that it was you who are causing this negative media to Dan Warren and the GASD names. We all know the rules and they are very clear from the beginning. So again I say, perhaps McLeod's this has gone too far. Do what is right and return the donation money to the nonprofit charity it was intended for. We also have a special needs child who requires numerous trips to specialty hospitals in another state so I know the burden of medical bills but despite the burden, it still does not give you the right to take what is not yours. The Lord will provide if you put it all in his hands.

Good to hear from you again

Elvia, trust me we didnt start this. We are taking a stand. We were interviewed by the Examiner and I didnt write the story. There are two sides to every story. Trust me again when I say we are working with Gunner everyday. Think about it would I really jeoperdize my sons health for something like this.It will work itself out. I dont hate anybody that is making comments against us they dont know the whole story or our family. Hope all is going well for you, Ryan

your right , it doesnt look

your right , it doesnt look like you started this. They started this because they could not get the donations dollars from you and that you misunderstood everything about the dog process and the benefit and donation details! A stand? for what? that because they failed to research important details that would be obvious questions going into this that they deserve 40,000? Reports say that the complaining about dog was the stand they chose to take after they were put on alert to hand over donations. I would hope that this family is legally right to keep the money. They may not be aware of all of the things that they got into, but they seem pretty certain they are right where that money is involved. Hopefully they will win, because if they dont win it may look as they sold their good name for $40,000 and were not knowledegable about much at all when they went into this. Ignorance or money? so far it looks like they have both.

Seriously where do you people

Seriously where do you people come from? You havent seen too far yet. Stay tuned. Next week's episode will be riveting. The truth is better than fiction. It really is. Pay VERY careful attention.

Proud GASD Owner

My son has T1 Diabetes. We came across WR & GASD via the internet & began doing research into MANY different companys/foundations that provided Service Dogs. We found through VERY thorough research that GASD fit OUR needs best. Dan is NOT at ALL the terrible human being so very many of you are making him out to be! He is honest, INCREDIBLY hardworking (answering calls/emails/questions almost DAY & NIGHT from SO many familys:), and he LOVES what he does. He gets to give familys like ours HOPE of a REAL nights sleep KNOWING our child is safe! He gets to give familys like ours assurance that our child can play & go about their lives WITHOUT the constant wonder if they will suddenly seize or go into a COMA! Seriously, unless you have a child with T1 you can't even fathom what we live EVERY day, EVERY hour, EVERY minute of our lives. We received our DAD a few weeks ago & he was 10 weeks old. He LITERALLY got out of the truck & ran to our son & alerted to him that his blood sugar was high! Um, COMPLETELY amazing! Do these pups need LOTS of training, reinforcement, & TIME to grow/mature & LEARN...OF COURSE THEY DO, they are PUPPIES!!! Am I beyond THRILLED that my son & our DAD will bond & grow TOGETHER & have a the incredibly journey in this life of being blessed by each other!!! These pups are DRIVEN to please & take PRIDE in their PURPOSE!! And ours is only WEEKS old! I have had dogs my entire life & I have NEVER seen a dog like this...OH! And as far as the fundraising end of things go...we CONTINUE to raise funds toward our DAD from GASD & have been BLESSED by an incredibly generous community as well! This is not a fraud or a scam in ANY way!!! It hurts me to think that so many of you are spreading such vicious rumors & hurtful comments about a man & company that have truly changed our lives & given us HOPE that yes SOMEDAY (and EVERY representative of WR & GASD has ALWAYS said these dogs NEED training up to 2 years before they should be deemed completely trained) our pup will be completely trained & alerting!!! We feel amazingly blessed & will continue to encourage ANYONE we know with a T1 Diabetic child to consider a DAD from GASD!!!

For the love a child

Prior to this benefit, I had never met Racer or anyone in his family, yet I baked, (and baked and baked) for the bake sell, I donated a brand new Wii, drove 75 miles to deliver it, I was overcome by emotion at the outpouring of support for this wonderful family! I would do everything within my power (including grasping at straws) if it meant making a child safer! Those of you who are casting stones best be careful you don't cast your heart away too, it is obviously made of stone also! I can see why you aren't using your full name!

I also don't think the GAD should get anything beyond the cost of the dog!

like you said becareful of

like you said becareful of stone casting. Guess you don't care about other families needing Service Dogs as well. $40 in home improvement and self spending help us alot


.I find that bull..they knew just like all of us what the fundraisers were for. You don't have to have a degree to understand..FUNDRAISING FOR OUR CHILD'S SERVICE DOG, NOT FOR OTHER INTENTIONS. they used their son's disease to benefit their own misfortunes. It's IMMORAL, IT'S MISLEADING TO ALL WHO WAS INVOLVED, IT'S THEFT PLAIN AND SIMPLE..That is my opinion..NO I don't know them, but they took a great cause, and used it to THEIR ADVANTAGE....NOT CARING ABOUT someone may have given their last $1.00...I hope they can sleep at night...And also, to care for their son's disease. What about the insurance company..WE PAY NOTHING...our insurance does..And the dogs are trained. The dog has been alerting to their son since day one, they know they did wrong so now they are trying to have a scape goat. And the town is on their side, ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? THEY STOLE YOUR MONEY PEOPLE, TO DO WHAT WITH IT? WHAT HAVE YOU NOTICED THAT THEY DID AROUND THE HOUSE, OR WHAT HAVE THEY BOUGHT THAT WAS NEW?? I would BE PISSED...THEY ARE THIEVES, SCAMMPERS, LIARS AND LOOK WHAT THEY ARE TEACHING THEIR KIDS...HOW DARE THEM...I am yes, waiting for our D.A.D. and very proud to be a GUARDIAN ANGEL SERVICE DOG FAMILY MEMBER. I have never met someone that cares not only for our children but for our family as much as Dan Warren does. He Dan...This is a letter I wrote to him...And many more...

Our family can never thank you enough for what you have given us. You have given us a new light on not only son's life but ours as well. We can go to bed SOON with a piece of mind that there will be A NOSE on guard all the time. .And one day won't need that alarm clock, or to have to get up for no reason. Your vision to do something has paid off in more ways than one. You just don't give our family, but others as well the peace of mind that our child will be okay. And because of you, their lives will be save, might not be from a CURE...but from a DOG!!! And we all have to thank for that. So, this is just again, to say thank you for starting Guardian Angel Service Dogs and for giving all of us our lives back, something that was stolen from each and everyone of us!!! We can never repay you for a life saved, but we can and will ever be grateful for GOD giving you to all of us!! YOU ARE AN AMAZING MAN, FRIEND AND NOW FAMILY MEMBER!! Thank you Dan, from our family to you!! We love you!!


Try it yourself

Maybe you should try a background check on your beloved Dan and see what you find out, because I would bet my LIFE on the honor and trust that the McLeod's have for their family and friends, and I should know what those all mean being that I am a United States MARINE and put my life on the line for you every day!!!! I am ashamed at how easy it is for people to criticize others for doing what they believe is right. I fight for all of you every day to have right to make your own choices. You choose to do what you do and they will choose what they will do. It is not for you to judge.

coming from someone charged

coming from someone charged with theft? google search. Try being anonymous next time.

Out of the mouth...the heart

Out of the mouth...the heart speaketh. i have walked step by step with these people. I know their heart for other hurting families. They would never attack another family like this. Maybe you need to examine yourself.

Out of the mouth...the heart

Out of the mouth...the heart speaketh. i have walked step by step with these people. I know their heart for other hurting families. They would never attack another family like this. Maybe you need to examine yourself.



it's not the first time from

it's not the first time from investigations so far

We stand together

As you noted this community stands behind them. We gave the money to Racer. As far as the money goes the comments make it clear who the community gave it to. Yet you people come out screaming fraud and stealing. You did not give the money, you did not help with the fund raising. So get over it.

why was the money given to

why was the money given to Racer? Kerry Mcleod states on the internet this statement when asked what the money was for,"... And yes, the money will be for the dog. He will cost 18,000.00. The insurance doesn't cover any of it."

Mr. Dan Warren attacked this

Mr. Dan Warren attacked this family first. This legal manuever was defensive. Put your real name up and be proud of who you are and what you are saying. Quit typing in bold print like a screaming moron and ranting. It's ridiculous.

Then it seems to me you like

Then it seems to me you like being taken advantage of? I also did a benefit for my son and his upcoming D.A.D, that we will be getting in August from the wonderful and caring Dan Warren! My son's D.A.D. was paid for by the generous people of our community, involving our mayor, council members, board of education members, a retirement community, churches, businesses, families from other towns etc. We paid for our D.A.D with in a 1 1/2 months. We made over from donations, and not once have I ever thought of keeping any of that for medical expenses or self gratification for use other than the intended fundraiser to which it was suppose to go to, not a back pocket..Bold print also means, making a point! So how much of your money are they profiting from?

Oh yes excellent point! I

Oh yes excellent point! I like being taken advantage of... No wonder Dan calls yall family. I tell you what, stay yourself...keep your mind open and quit attacking the messenger. You might just learn something. Pay careful attention to this case. The reason we are doing this is because we do not want people like you taken advantage of anymore. We were once right where you are...BELIEVERS!!! We ope ed our eyes and we now see a different side of the coin. There is no way to stop this...except through the courts. We intend to see that through to the end.

Carrie stop what?

Carrie stop what? People like the McLeods pocking money..That right, you do need to stop this, right now..Let me know when you do...Remember, you have families out there that have D.A.D.'s and are saving these kids lives everyday, I guess you want to bring harm to them as well as Dan and his families? Its so funny, you have an that is trying to find a cure, they are doing fundraising, and the employees are doing the fundraising under their name with their logo, the do an amazing job and collect $40,000 above their goal, so guess what, they pocket that..And you are okay with that? The same thing these people did. They STOLE MONEY that wasn't theirs...What part of that do you all not understand. They have insurance, let the insurance pay for his medical needs, not everyone else. The fundraisers was to pay for his D.A.D. and then to pay it forward to another needy family, to to line their back pockets...It was a fast way for them to see the silver lining in this bad economy...

what part do you not understand

What part do you not understand. Do you find ANY comments here from ANYONE that participated or gave that did not know that it was for Racer. It was in the paper here. If any one wanted or even thought it was a fundraiser FOR Guardian they would be coming out of the walls. Anyone coming out saying they were given a tax id number, no, why because it did not happen. WHAT ON EARTH MAKES YOU THINK they Raised funds under Guardian's name. They did not it was RACER's name. Everybody that was there knows that but somehow you know different but wait you were not anywhere around. They did talk about Warren's dogs, just like Warren tells them to do on his web site under fund raising. Warren is talking about the family contacting groups in THEIR (NOT HIS) fund raiser and this is word for word "In addition to supporting "you" financially, you may find these groups have outreach programs that will allow you to share YOUR story ALONG WITH information about Diabetic Alert Dogs." To TELL families to promote his dogs in their fundraiser and than use THAT to sue the family does not build any trust with me. "You" is a singular word. If he believed the fund raiser was to be on his behalf he would have at least used "our fund raiser". His own site makes it clear that it is the families fund raiser but if someone wanted to make a gift to
guardian they could. That is what the McLeod’s did.
As far as the logo I know who designed it and it sure was NOT Guardian. Please explain how you can steal money that is given to you by people that wanted to give it. If you want to fund raise to make sure Warren gets his $20,000.00 a dog be my guess. But get over it.

Racers grandmothers statement

Racers grandmothers statement "Hey *****, I sure will let you know when we get details. And yes, the money will be for the dog. He will cost 18,000.00. The insurance doesn't cover any of it. "

Also, "Racer's Guardian Angel Benefit" would mean that yes, it was a benefit given by Racer (hence the possesive punctuation) for Gaurdian Angel to benefit to continue to help all families and Racer would be able to recieve the dog.

GASD does not own the words

GASD does not own the words guardian angel.

Sherry, take care of your kid

Sherry, take care of your kid and your dog and watch the case develop. Reasoning with you isnt gonna change your mind.

Carrie, Really? You hit a

Carrie, Really? You hit a cord now..Leave my son out of it..and how dare you bring him into it. We almost lost our son a week after going ln the pump..REALIABLE...NO..and may times with scary nights sleeping through our alarm, where I won't even go in aand check him, I make my husband when it's my shift because I'm afraid of what I'll find. One time at school he even dropped to a b.g. of 19... We also had a very successful fundraiser, Dan came with one of the trainers..The dog was 12 weeks old, we had 5 people there that had diabetes, including our son, this 12 week old puppy alerted to not only my son 4 times but his friend and others. This puppy even alerted to someone with type 2 who had a high b.g. at the time..two weeks later my son should have been sleeping, he said he felt low..I was stting my alrm for 12a, this was son was 23...the dog for us can't come soon enough...we keep in contact with this family and this dog, we see them often, and every time this dog not only alerts on the owner but my son and others as well. So this story isn't about me taking care of my son, thank you, it's about a family using GASD name in a way to make a substantial amount of maoney for themselves. The put their hand in the cookie jar and got caught. And now are saying the dog doesn't alert, when they boasted how well the dog for being a puppy does his job:..Really? So please, I don't bring in your child..leave mine out of it..We can't wait to get our Lifesaver!

I feel sad and disheartened

I feel sad and disheartened that so many others would find it necessary to prove their case on this site. It is not about what YOU feel is right or wrong here. This is about Racer and what his community wanted for him. Yes, it was stated we were working toward his goal of getting his dog, but more so, we came together for him, his needs, and his future! The funds raised that day were in the name of helping Racer be independent and successful in life, and that includes help attaining a service dog, help with his medical needs and costs, and help in keeping up with the vast leaps and bounds the medical community is making in dealing with his diabetes in the future. This is not about you, or your thoughts about this person or that, or how wrong you think something is. Too many times we lose focus on who matters...and when holding that fundraiser for this dear child, we ALL came together for Racer's best interest. This community pulled together for him and I find it very sad that others can't see that clearly...this is simply shocking that someone other than this little boy and his family would ever benefit from what WE did for HIM!!!

It is great what your

It is great what your community pulled together and did for him! You should all be very proud! I don't think what those of you in the community did for this boy is what is being put on trial here though. I think the line has been blurred by an inaccurate article and peoples desire to rush to judgement. I don't think that based of this article any of have the right to judge either party and should wait until all of the facts have been presented in court before casting judgement. If the GASD name was used in fundraising then legally the funding goes to them. That's the law to keep people from unlawfully collecting using an organizations name and keeping the money for themselves. Not at all saying or implying that that is what this family did...again....not all facts presented and we should not judge without all of the facts. If they however did not use the name then the money is theirs to use for whatever purpose they collected for. Hopefully they set up a non-profit so it can be tax-exempt otherwise they may be liable for taxes on it. Anyway it turns out I hope the boy gets a dog that will help him.

Matt, Very well said. And you

Very well said. And you are right, but most of us on face book keeps up with our families of D.A.D.'s and when you post thing for others to see, well then it's in black and white. WE as a D.A.D. community were horrified when it started going around the face book community months ago. But they were proud to announce it. This is people's hard earned money, it was suppose to go for a D.A.D. and that was it. Especially when you use their Tax ID number, their logo and their name. In our state that is called theft by deception and fraud. That is a criminal and or felony charge,depending on what that state has, but it is punishable with jail time. What they did was wrong. And all of us in the D.A.D family want's whats best for their son, as all of us do..But that extra money that they made was then suppose to go to pay it forward, I was told that in the first conversation as well as everyone else I talk to. that would be like having everyone that helped me, including the township, mayor, council members, board of ed members, etc. and then exceeding my amount and profiting from it. It's morally wrong. You are stealing..

i will say it again

Again you people JUST do not want to or can not understand. I think it is do not want to.
Eveyone at the fund raiser knew the fund rasiser was for RACER. Help Racer get an alert dog. DID the fund raiser do that. YES it did. It was Racers dibetic dog NOT a diabetic dog not any diabetic dog, but Racers diabetic dog. Did it go for that. YES IT DID. It was obovious that they would exceed their goal. Everyone was speculating about how much they would raise. Did people quit giving no.
Did they know it would go to Racer. Yes they did. And most knew the goal was exceeded. The Mclouds did not hid that. I personall saw a donation after it was well known that the goal was reached. The woman said go head and take it you never know what the boy might need.
If they used His name, His logo, and His tax id number MATT would be right only thing is it did not happen. And what is he using for evidence that they promoted his organatition. Waran ASKS families to do this on his web site. I find it funny that only people that WERE NOT THERE are saying this. The only place this can be coming from is Dan Warran. Posting on his site that he did not know about a law suit against them. He sure knows about the treats he made. According to everything I have read these dogs start to alert as a puppy. How can a puppy with that little of training cost $20,000. I could understand a well trained dog with a couple of years training. But a puppy with very little training there is not much cost in web sites and a puppy. There is a lot of profit, even if additional funds go to other dogs he still gets
$20,000 a puppy.

Now those of you waiting for your puppy. I hope it works for you. I know the mcloads believed it to be their answer too. I know the mcLouds did not want this but as someone said it is most definetly a defensive move. No matter what he post this is his creation and he could have stopped it, but he believed he could bully them. Maybe the Mcloads have very good reasons for not wanting donate to his charity.
As for the artical the McLoad's did not write it they were only interviewed.




they have a reason to not

they have a reason to not want to donate the money ?
One answer is because they want it because they have bills. We all have bills. You use something or someone, make a profit with their help and then have all kinds of reasons why you want all the money. I quess That Family works that way.. not cool..

I am part of the D.A.D.

I am part of the D.A.D. community and a proud owner of a D.A.D. from Warren Retrievers. My experience has been exceptional to say the least. I too pay attention on facebook but don't post as often as others. I have in none of my posts defended the actions of either party or cast judgement on either party. The facts of this case have not been presented and to assume wrong doing on either part would be wrong. If fundraisers were held without the use of GASD name then those funds should go to the family. If they were raised for GASD then it should be passed along. While some may disagree with the ethics it is the legality that truly matters. And since all that we have to go on is an exceptionally poorly written article I hesitate to pass any judgement on anyone other than the lack of journalistic ability of the article author. I will blindly follow no man for you never know what is truly in their heart.

I have both a CGM and an

I have both a CGM and an alert dog. My alert dog beats the CGM hands down. He alerts before the CGM does every single time. There are times the CGM is 50 points or more off which is Dangerous! One day it said I was low and the dog did not. My meter confirmed the dog's result. My BG was perfectly normal. I paid $6000 for my dog. These dogs are never 100% trained. They need continuous training to maintain their skills. The money should go to that purpose. We humans make mistakes and so do the dogs. They are not machines. They will miss an alert on occasion. The best way to deal with it is ongoing training. Expecting the dog to be perfect is wrong. The company was paid, the contract was fulfilled. The money should help keep up the dog's training to the satisfaction of the family who owns it.

Really? This is the best reporting you can do? "YOUR FIRED!"

"Read the full story in this weeks inquirer" I see the problem here and know why everyone is so worked up. This isn't the full story. The truth must be in the other part. Okay that is my sarcastic opening because Mr. Fred Davis sucks as a reporter because his report is completely full of inaccuracies. If you are going to report on something gather all the facts before presenting it to the court of public opinion Mr. Davis. If this were an opinion piece I would accept it as is but The Examiner and Mr. Davis present it as fact when it blatantly is not. Enough about the sucky reporting...

As the father of two T1 diabetics my heart goes out to this family for having to go through this as well. Also having being tried in the court of public opinion in the comments of an inaccurate article has to be hard as well. Both parties I think have been inaccurately portrayed here and slandered unduly. Apparently a great number of people have had positive experiences with GASD so to say that they are a bad organization because there is a dispute between them and this family based of what is presented here I think is entirely unfair to that organization. I also think slandering this family without all of the facts presented before you is shameful in the least. We read this article and take it as fact and then judge the two parties as if we have been given the complete picture. How many of you were at every single fundraiser and know exactly how each was presented....probably not many if any other than the family itself. How many of you have read the contract that this family signed with GASD and know the wording involved in it. None except for the parties involved I would guess. Many of you may have your own contracts and many may have been at some of the fundraisers but I submit that none of you know all of the details involved and therefore have no right to judge either party. Let it go to court and all of the facts get laid out in front of an impartial judge. Then and only then can the truth be known. In the end it's about what is legal right? I can see both parties point of view here. I can understand why GASD would want to protect their tax exempt status and why the family would want to pay some medical related expenses. Tripling your goal is amazing and great on this community for the outpouring of support for this child. Whether you gave intending your money to go to bills, the dog, or GASD your generosity is inspiring and I think if your money ended up in any one of these locations you should feel good about yourself and know your money didn't go to waste. Even if the money went to GASD and was used to provide another child a DAD I think would still be something to be proud of. The only potential bad thing I think could come out of this is if the money went anywhere other than medical bills, the dog, or GASD. But since I have been presented no evidence to that fact I will not make that assumption and slander this poor family like some others have done. I understand that if the GASD name was used then that money should go to GASD and if it wasn't used then I hope the family uses it to help their child. I think we should just all calm down and stop slamming each other and let the court tell us what is right and wrong here. Too many internet experts I say! Can't we all just get along?


Well said, we will just wait and see the outcome. We are still working with Gunner daily, in hopes he will start helping Racer. Please believe me when I say we have Racer's best interest in mind. As a father of twins they are my heart and soul. Ryan McLeod

I know you have his best

I know you have his best interests in mind...I would hope to say that we all do, but unfortunately after some of the posts I have seen from people here I would hesitate to say that. Is your dog really not alerting at all as this article says? From other posts elsewhere I see where at some point at least he was alerting. Also I understand that you and Dan may have your differences but the article says you opted to discontinue with the trainers? Not trying to criticize you at all...just that it seems to me that the training of the dog and the other issue could be handled separate of each other. Anyway...I would just like to see Racer with a dog that works for him. God Bless

But now that you have become

But now that you have become an internet expert with us Matt, let me explain my consternation with this. We don't have alot of money. We have four children. My son is starting college. My husband and I have been involved with this fundraising from the ground floor and up. That is a fact. I acknowledge that I have not seen the GADS contract. When we gave to this fundraiser...we gave even after we knew they had reached their goal. And we gave until it hurt. We gave past the point of comfort for our family. I have come to a place of distrusting GASDs So no, I can't get along... thinking about my husband working as hard as he does for the money we in good faith...knowing how we raised it...only to go line the pockets of a man I distrust. No. But by all let's let the courts settle this. But I put this question to the GADS community. Will you return in force to our little community to comment after the trial? Despite the outcome? I wonder.

But that money should be used

But that money should be used to other children needing Service Dogs in your area. I'm sure he is not the only Type 1 Diabetic in your community. What about the other children the $40,000+ could have help save.


The fundraising benefit was held for Racer McLeod, so why should the money go to anyone else?

I agree. of course we all

I agree. of course we all feel for children and parents and such hardtimes. But they are coming out looking veryyyy selfish. As long as they are living well, they have no concern for others as the concern that they recieved. The cycle of giving looks like it has gotten jammed in the gears of the Mcleods entitled fam.

Please show me where any of

Please show me where any of the money raised has ever gone to "another" family??? Every family is required to fund raise $20,000

I have become one of you now.

I have become one of you now. Thanks for pointing that out :) And thanks for not ripping me on my grammer or spelling...much appreciated. I understand your desire to back this family. And as a father of four with 1 autistic child and two type 1 diabetic children I do understand the budget constraints involved. I am also the owner of a DAD from Warren Retrievers. I know how much of a blessing the dog has been for our family. We naturally have a desire to defend our own from the "outsider". That's apparent in all of the comments here from both sides. But let me ask this to both parties. How many times have you heard the tv interview comment from someone close to the person..."I can't believe he/she would do that! They were such a great guy/girl"? If there is one thing I know, It's that you never truly know anyone and what some people are capable of even though you believe them to not be will amaze you. Who is right in this instance...I have nw Idea and will not judge either way. I know what my experience with Warren Retrievers has been and I have nothing but good things to say. Does that mean he is right in this situation? I don't know and won't accuse or defend anybody without all of the facts in front of me. I think the tragedy here is that this reporter failed in his job and wrote an opinion piece that pitted possibly two good entities against each other...a great supportive community and a good organization. I think that all we really want is to support this boy and his needs as well as all of the other kids that suffer with this horrible disease. And yes if I found out that GASD was unlawfully taking advantage of a family I would be very upset about it and most definitely be back to post about it.

I had picked on Anonymous

I had picked on Anonymous earlier...I had to be nice. You were right. We all needed to calm down.

Thank you for your input and your attitude. I am very sorry for the health complications with your children. That is actually an understatement I know. Our dearest friends have an autistic child and then our dear friends the McLeods have Racer with Juvenile Diabetes.

I very much encourage you to come back here next week and read the subsequent article. I think you will find it enlightening.

You are correct. We can never know fully even those closest to us. I have found this in a very personal and painful way recently. So that statement hit VERY close to home. However, I do know that few people with intention to do wrong ask for counsel from many advisors on how to do the proper thing. Ryan sought out many around him about how not to only DO the right thing....but also not to have the appearance of doing anything wrong. He and Tara understood that with much blessing came much responsibility. They were in the spotlight now.

No money has been touched by this family except to pay Dan Warren. I am pleased that you have received benefit. Our experiences are not similar.

I would hope that this

I would hope that this so-called journalist would retract this article and write a proper one. This article is horrible and he did no research at all before posting it. The article is slanted with inaccuracies that paint the wrong picture of GASD and Warren Retrievers. The statement that they received untrained dog really upsets me because it gives the impression that they were ripped of when in fact they were not. Not only does that have nothing to do with the issue at hand it is just flat out not true. Now due to his poor article you have two great communities at each others throats. As a member of the DAD community I can say that we are all very supportive of each other and help is always readily available. It truly is a great community not just for the dogs but for help and advice on dealing with the conditions our children have. From what I have read in post from the supporters and knowing how much was raised it is very apparent how supportive your community is as well. Some argue it should go to other families that need help getting a DAD. 60k could help 2 other families and that would be great. But if the money was actually raised for medical expenses and they truly need it and didn't use GASD name in the fundraising then I by all means think they should put it towards their boy. Me personally....I like your statement about "giving till it hurt". We were lucky enough to have some generous donations and were able to put some towards a dog for someone else. We know who it went to and have been in communication with them. If they are entitled to the money I would hope that they would see the blessing in it and pay forward whatever the don't need to a worthwhile organization. Reading these comments here I am somewhat disappointed in the rush to judgement from both sides. I will be watching as this progresses and I pray that there is no wrong doing by anyone and that the children with this horrible disease are the winners.

Matt, you obviously have a

Matt, you obviously have a pure heart. I wish you well in your journey. I am passionate about children. I love children. My husband on a scene (he is a firefighter) often is the one to take and comfort the children. I do not want the kids to get lost in this scenario. It is with children in mind that we are pushing this issue. We want to ensure that every dollar intended for a child...reaches a child.

May your babies be well and happy and healthy. With a parent as concerned and kind as you appear to be, they should prosper.

Very well said MAtt. :)

Very well said MAtt. :)

Very well said... you are

Very well said... you are correct. There are two sides and no one knows it all on either side. I know the court will come to the right decision.

Anonymous....look...see how I

Anonymous....look...see how I am trying to get along? I didn't even bust him for misspelling Enquirer and the improper use of you're. We should all hold hands and sing.

Racer/Guardian Angel Article

I am a member of this local community. I have read this article and all the comments. And my heart goes out to this family. I also understand about the Non-profit status that all of Warren's people are shouting about. But I remember this fund raiser and want you to know that despite what Mr. Warren has told you NO MENTION of his tax exempt status was mentioned for this fundraiser. Also, I have seen alot of comments from families that have used his service and either paid the $20,000 or raised monies themselves for these dogs and I just have one questions - where are the people that benefited from the excess funds raised in any case??? I mean everyone is shouting that excess funds go to families that need the service but where are they?? Is there any proof at all that they exist??