Service dog provider puts Groves family on alert

Service dog provider puts Groves family on alert

A Groves family is taking legal action against the company that sold them a $20,000 service dog after the company, Guardian Angel Service Dogs, itself threatened litigation if the family didn’t turn over all the money it raised from fundraisers almost five months ago.

The McLeod family – Ryan, Tara and their twin sons Racer and Rider – along with a flood of supporters from throughout Southeast Texas, held a number of fundraisers for Racer, who suffers from Type 1 diabetes, commonly referred to as juvenile diabetes. The money raised went toward the purchase of a diabetic alert dog. Through scent detection, he can sense – when properly trained – when a person’s blood sugar level rises or falls to dangerous levels. Money was also raised to go toward ongoing medical care for Racer.

The McLeods are plaintiffs in a declaratory judgment filed last week in the 58th Judicial District in Jefferson County asking to sever ties with Guardian Angel Service Dogs after they received a dog that wasn’t completely trained and still isn’t 100 percent capable of warning the family if Racer has blood sugar that’s too high or too low.

While the training is part of the issue, Dan Warren, president of Warren Enterprises LLC, which also owns Guardian Angels Service Dogs Inc., a not-for-profit company out of Montpelier, Va., is demanding that the extra money made by the McLeods’ fundraising efforts go to him. In addition to Guardian Angels, Warren also owns Warren Retrievers, a company that breeds Labrador retrievers, which he also uses as the Guardian Angel service dogs.

Guardian Angels was registered with, which tracks nonprofit organizations; however, they did not supply the site with any IRS information, including a 990, which is to provide the public with financial information to ensure it is not abusing its tax-exempt status.

In a letter from Warren’s attorney, John W. Anderson, dated June 5 of this year, he states that the McLeods received “well in excess of $60,000 in charitable donations from fundraising activities” and that because the McLeods promoted the event “as being tax deductible to the donors and for the benefit of Guardian Angel,” Warren and his company are entitled to the excess money raised by the McLeods.

Messages left for both Warren and his attorney, Anderson, were not returned.

Matthew Morgan of the Reaud, Morgan & Quinn law firm is assisting attorney John Werner in the matter for the McLeods pro bono and said the McLeods fulfilled their monetary obligation with Warren and his company by paying the $20,000 for the dog and that any additional money raised is being used for Racer’s ongoing medical care.

The McLeods’ petition to the court states that the McLeods held several fundraisers and “through the generosity and caring of the community, including many people who had never even met Racer, enough money was raised not only to pay the Defendant (Warren), but also to set up a separate account devoted exclusively to Racer’s ongoing medical needs.”

The McLeods are seeking a declaration that they not be required to pay more than the $20,000 already paid for the dog and that Warren is not entitled to any money in Racer’s separate account.

McLeod argues that while they did use the Guardian Angel name when promoting the event – which Warren said they could do – there was never any mention made about excess funds going back to Guardian Angel Service Dogs and that Warren offered to help with fundraising along the way. McLeod also said the family never used Guardian Angels’ tax ID number.

“They don’t owe them money,” said Morgan. “The McLeods paid the $20,000 for the dog. (Guardian Angel) owes them some training, but we’ve offered to cut that off and go our separate ways, but they won’t.”

A dog that doesn’t alert

“We were told we’d be able to sleep through the night and if the dog noticed Racer’s blood sugar change, he’d come and alert us,” said Ryan McLeod, a Beaumont firefighter who is perplexed and frustrated with the whole situation. “My wife and I would’ve never gone with this company if we’d known we were going to have to train the dog ourselves.”

Guardian Angel provides one week of training when the dog is delivered and two days of training every 90 days for the next two years as part of the agreement. All other required training is to be done by the owner.The McLeods’ twin sons are 3 1/2 years old. Racer, in addition to diabetes, also suffers from albinism, which according to his father, is very rare considering neither he nor his wife have the gene for albinism. It’s the albinism that causes Racer’s pale skin, cloud-white hair and reddish eyes. There’s no medical proof that it’s a bi-product of his diabetes.

Late in November 2011 after a near fatal incident with Racer, the family began researching service dog companies and diabetic alert dog providers and Warren’s Guardian Angel Service Dog page was one of the first companies to pop up.

“Our main concern was at night,” said McLeod. “One night we checked him, he was perfectly normal to make it through to the morning, and 45 minutes later he was having a seizure.” Fortunately, Racer was sleeping with Tara that night and she felt him having the seizure. Had he not been sleeping with his mother that night and in his own bed instead, he could have died.

McLeod said most of the diabetic alert dog companies require the buyer to travel to the company to pick the dog up, whereas Guardian Angel actually flies out and delivers the dog to the customer.

“I talked to him on the phone, and he had me crying on the phone talking to him,” McLeod said of his initial conversation with Warren.

“He also told us the dog would be trained to alert when we received him,” said McLeod, adding that most service dogs go through one to two years of training before they’re given to a family. Gunner, the chocolate Labrador retriever the McLeod’s received, was 3 months old when he was delivered. “Obedience-wise, we haven’t had any issues,” said McLeod. “As far as being out in public, he listens and he does what he’s supposed to.”

McLeod said Warren assured him the dog would be trained to “alert,” meaning the dog would be able to notify Ryan and Tara if the dog, through scent detection training, noticed Racer’s blood sugar was too high or low. Ultimately, the dog is supposed to “paw” a person when Racer’s blood sugar is too high and “touch” with his nose if the blood sugar is too low.

At 5 months old, Gunner, while a good dog, is still learning how to detect, and can’t yet indicate high or low blood sugar. When Gunner was dropped off in May, the trainers that accompanied the dog indicated that the McLeods would be responsible for training the dog on how to “alert.”

“We said, ‘Wait a minute, the whole reason we got this dog was because it knows how to alert,’” said McLeod. “We told (Warren) my wife and I both have jobs, and between the two boys, we have very busy and hectic lives, and we don’t have time to train a dog.”

Maria Ikenberry, executive director for Eyes, Ears, Nose and Paws, a service dog company out of Carrboro, N.C., said she’s never dealt with anyone from Guardian Angel and has only heard of the company. A relatively new company, Ikenberry said Eyes, Ears, Nose and Paws has trained three diabetic alert dogs, and they took up to two years to train. She said her company has eight dogs it’s training right now and prefers training their dogs on-site as opposed to having the dogs trained with the owners.

“If you talk to Assistance Dogs International, you’ll find that that is not the standard for assistance dogs,” said Ikenberry. “What you’ll also find is there’s no standard for diabetic assistance dogs, either.”Bonnie Bergin, a pioneer in the service dog industry who actually came up with the idea of service dogs for people in wheelchairs 37 years ago, said it is preferred by most service dog agencies who are members of Assistance Dogs International that dogs be trained for up to two years by certified professional trainers as opposed to having a dog trained by a family with occasional training visits.

“I don’t see how parents as described, with the small amount of instruction, can do an adequate job training the dog,” said Bergin, who runs the Bergin University of Canine Studies, just outside of Santa Rosa, Calif.

Spreading the word electronically

Late Wednesday afternoon, a Facebook post was put on the Guardian Angel Service Dogs page by Warren letting all the members of the group know that “publicity was forthcoming” regarding the McLeods’ legal action against the company, which “may or may not be true,” according to the post. Warren indicated that a reporter from The Examiner might be in touch with Guardian Angel’s clientele, and if so, it was their discretion to speak with the media, but he was confident anyone who spoke would be “honest and forthcoming in your remarks about Guardian Angel Service Dogs. You, our friends that we have served, are our best line of defense against falsehoods. Thank you for your support.”

One of those customers who came to the defense of Warren and Guardian Angel was Jamie Shasteen, whose daughter Alissa suffers from Type 1 diabetes and is expected to get her dog in the fall. While the family, which lives in Illinois, is still raising funds for the dog, she said it’s a “moral” issue and “common sense” that any excess funds raised by a family working with Guardian Angel be given to the company since it’s being raised for Guardian Angel and using the Guardian Angel name.

“The McLeod family fundraised using Guardian Angel Service Dog’s name,” said Shasteen. “They exceeded what they needed to pay for the dog, and it’s common sense when you go over, that money goes back. They’re just mad that they fundraised using that name and that tax ID number and they were told they couldn’t keep the money after they kept the money.”

Shasteen said that Warren made it very clear “from the beginning” that excess funds raised by families would be put back in a fund that would go to other families in the same state looking for diabetic alert dogs. She also harped on the McLeods for their lack of “research” since the company clearly indicates training is done primarily by the family and not done prior to the dog’s arrival.

“They should’ve known that before they got the dog,” said Shasteen.

While her arguments certainly support Guardian Angel’s contentions, Shasteen was a little shaky when it came to details regarding the information that “clearly” states the fundraising and training protocol.

“That’s stuff that you find out when you start with this company,” said Shasteen. “You can ask Dan yourself.” She said she’s known about the company for more than a year, but has been working with them for “about five months.” When pressed further about where the protocol is listed, Shasteen continued, “I don’t know if (Dan) specifically told me that, but it’s common sense. It’s common sense to anybody with common sense.”McLeod said neither he nor his wife was ever briefed or informed on the fundraising and training protocol from Warren. A glimpse at Warren’s Web site mentions how he offers help fundraising for clients buying a dog through Guardian Angels, yet provides no insight as to what is done with excess funds.

“He’s great working with you throughout the fundraising process leading up to buying the dog,” said McLeod, “but once he gets paid, it’s impossible to get in touch with him and he passes off everything on to his trainers. If I’d known we were going to go through all this, we’d have never chosen this company.”

Fred Davis can be reached at (409) 832-1400, ext. 227, or by e-mail at fred [at] theexaminer [dot] com.



In My Opinion

I would like to start by saying that I do not have a DAD but have been actively looking for one for some time now. During my search I have noticed and picked up on several things. There are quit a few companies, organizations, and self training groups out there. With all of these out there there are 2 that are constantly at each others throats. Self trainers vs GASD. It has been a very interesting battle to watch but I thought I would finally speak up after watching this go on for many months. Its amazing what you can learn when you just sit back and observe.

1. This started when a self trainer made a post on an article for a family in Iowa who received a DAD from GASD. Since then it seemed to be a mission of that particular person to comment on each article that came out after that. Slowly more and more self trainers jumped in out the comments. Then all of a sudden the original person stopped posting and it was, from what I can gather, because she was served with some paper work from Mr. Warren's attorneys. Once that happened there was a huge fire lit under the self trainers to defend there friend, and that is when I saw things go totally out of control. And here we now are today...more mud slinging from both sides. As an outside observer this has been both entertaining and disheartening. The animosity between these 2 groups is like watching a scene from high school with one click pitted against the other. And that is what is so sad. Each parent on both sides teach your kids, I would hope, to get along with others and play nice on the play ground. If your kids were watching what you were doing what would they think. I am sure each of you will say " I would be proud of them for standing up for what they believe in" But take another step back and look at the whole picture. Each article that had the mud slinging going on was a bout a child getting a helping tool to help manage their Diabetes. No matter what you think about how they got it or what choice their parents made about what way to go about to get the help for their child, the articles were about a child getting help. Yet due to the mudslinging about how the families should have gone about getting their child help the focus was changed from something that was a great story into something that was very negative and disheartening. Each article that came out I watched it hoping that the next one would be the one that everyone grew up and it could just be an article about a child getting help with the use of a pup that they could grow up together and love and bond with. But of course that never happened. Very sad...

2. Each article has been picked about and things have been harped on about what is so wrong with GASD. "They deliver 7 week old puppies". From all of the articles I have read there was only one that said this. The rest all said the delivered pups were 11 - 16 weeks old on delivery. Personally I would say that was a misprint in the article. Reporters do make mistakes. Another one I have seen time and time again is that GASD delivers 300- 500 dogs a year. Started off with 300 a year and now has gone to 500. Well lets see, that would mean almost a dog a day which would mean they would need almost 300 trainers to do this. Again, could this be a misprint???? Or most of the interviews are done with trainers, could one of them have made and incorrect statement??? People do make mistakes.

3. In this article there is a bunch of talk about the statement made by Mr. Warren ..."Guardian Angel Service Dogs, Inc. wants to make it very clear that Warren Enterprises, LLC is not affiliated with Guardian Angel in any manner and does not "own" Guardian Angel."....Well instead of trying to look for things to jump on him about, take another look at what it says... Warren ENTERPRISES LLC is not affiliated with GASD.....a simple search shows that Warren ENTERPRISES LLC is different than Warren RETRIEVERS LLC. Maybe Mr Warren has more than one company, who knows???? But the 2 are different, so that would mean his statement is not false. Stop jumping on every phrase and look at what things say. The article above states Warren "Enterprises" LLC not Warren "Retrievers" LLC.....Looks like there was a mistake done by the reporter....interesting how that can happen. We are each human and mistakes happen.

4. I have seen comments about how no other organization can get there name out because of GASD being all over the internet. Well then I would suggest the other organizations to get themselves into the media and promote themselves just as Mr. Warren has done. As for the self trainers I would think that if you all banded together, as you have to stand up against GASD, you could put your energies into getting the word out about self training your own DAD to those who would be interested in doing so. In all the things I have looked at I have been able to find VERY LITTLE info on self training your own DAD. This might be something I would be interested in doing but I have no idea if I would be able to because there is not enough info out there. Put your energies into promoting yourself.

5. Most of the companies I have looked into have a lot of restrictions on getting one of there DADs. That is part of the problem with many people looking into other companies, at least it has been for me. Either I don't live in their area, or my child is not old enough, or I have to have my money up front.

6. I think each group has good intentions behind why you are doing what you are doing. For the GASD families you have done your own research have seen what you like at GASD and decided that is the way to go for your. As for the self trainers you did your own research and decided it was better to self train your own DAD. Both ways are fine for each of you but to tell the other they are wrong for the decisions they made for there family if for themselves to figure out. Neither of you will be able to convince the other that their choice was the wrong one. You each have been trying for Many months and you are getting no where. Why not stop the cat fights and start focusing on helping those that you come into contact with by giving them the information to make their own well informed decision. The more info you put out there about your own side the more information people like me have to make a well informed decision.

7. Each of you say the other is wrong because of the way the others dog was acquired and that the training for each other is wrong. Well guess what it is working for both of you. For the self trainers I have seen success stories from some of you on FB. For GASD owners I have also seen successes. I guess my point is neither of you are wrong for the decision you made for each of your families because it is working for you. Great let it work for you and stop the fighting. The goal is to give of your kids another tool to help manage your child's diabetes until there is a cure for this awful disease.

8. Instead of trying to bash one another why not focus your energy on helping others. The bashing and name calling makes me want to walk away from both of you and not get help from either. What good is that doing for either of your causes????

I decided to speak up on this article because, once again, it turned into a comment section of GASD vs Self trainers. and each group is doing exactly what this news paper wanted top do, have any of you seen the "About us" section for this paper...We’re of the opinion that headlines and sound bites never tell the whole story. Our readers demand all the facts, facets and flavors of every story or event. And, they expect to be informed, educated and "stirred to action."....Well they have definitely gotten some stirring going on.

I will be curious to see what ends up happening with this story. Now it has gotten all the way through this community and from what I understand there is another family in this same community that is getting their own DAD...wonder how the community is going to treat them????? Will they be shunned for staying with GASD or will they be accepted for making the decision that think is best for their family???? Will be staying tuned in for this one.

Ok, so lets see who jumps me for my opinions or who can carry on a calm conversation....ready, GO!!!!


You are so correct. I wish this mud slinging would stop. It is so disappointing to see this on every article that you come by. I have a GASD and he is the best thing in the world. As a little girl we went to Sunday School every Sunday an we learned one important thing along with many others is that you don't hate. I have never heard anyone from GASD say that they hated anyone for the choice they have made. We only want the harassing to stop. I don't feel like people should go on fb pages set up for children and post their negative comments. This is a very big world and we can all live in it. I do feel that it does get out of hand from both sides. Even some GASD it worked up, but I know that it is due to raw emotions that have happen to each others friends that are now family. We stand together thick and thin. Thank you for this post I too can only hope that it will stop that is the only solution. I am so thankful that Dan is willing to stand up for his family. He was there when they started attacking my son. As for your Journey into finding a DAD for you or your child then I hope you find the perfect match for you. I personally will be praying for you journey and your health. This horrible disease is enough for anyone person to deal with. I pray that your DAD will bring you as much peace as Malachi has brought us.

"DAD Searcher"

You forget that people that have GASD's are OWNED BY DAN WARREN and he can and will come take your DAD away if he wants to... his company and antics make me SICK!

What do you mean GASD's are

What do you mean GASD's are OWNED BY DAN WARREN...I am confused

Only if you fail to take care

Only if you fail to take care of the dog. Which I would hope somebody would take it from you if you didn't. Some of the contractual requirements are that you feed the dog (tough I know), Take it out to relieve itself (another tough one), Get all it's shots...wait...I see a trend here. Responsible dog owners keep their dogs....irresponsible dog owners get their dogs taken away. I would hope every breeder in the country, D.A.D.'s or not would make people sign a contract like that. How many dogs have been removed?

DAD Searcher, When things

DAD Searcher,
When things become personal, people become emotional and what is more personal than the health and well being of one's child. In reading your eloquently put but straight forward comments, one can get an opinion that is not clouded by being so close to the situation. Sometimes that is what's needed to actually make one think about what is being said.

For me personally, I became involved in this when a family member was, for lack of a better word "attacked". Classic fur ruffled reaction. It shows how one can get very emotional when close to the situation. Thank you for a post well stated.

I do agree that the bickering needs to stop. That doesn't mean I agree with you 100% ;0)
There are always going to be opinions, as my Dad always said opinions are like noses (so not the word he used lol), everyone has one. There is always going to be Coke vs Pepsi, and there are always going to be claims of extraordinary accomplishments that others are going to question, but it needs to be done in a more respectful manner and maybe not done "on" the comment section of these articles. Especially the "happy" stories and that goes for BOTH sides.

You also have a very good point about there not being enough info out there for self trainers....I am going to try to convince my self trainer to start a blog. Or maybe a FB page simply titled "Training a DAD". I recently witnessed first hand what my family member has accomplished with this dog and was amazed. I work for an office of Doctor's, we brought the dog into the office as one of the Dr's has a diabetic child and really wanted to meet the dog ( OK I brag a little). The dog alerted on another one of the Dr's in the office immediately while being introduced. As it turn's out he was crashing as he hadn't eaten. Even my family member who has been training the dog was pretty surprised.

If you would like to email me, I could show you where to get the info on how we acquired a DAD for a young child, from another state, through fund raising.

Lastly, good luck in your search, I hope you find the perfect paws for you and your family.

P.S. I still hope the child

P.S. I still hope the child gets to keep the money for medical expenses. But that has nothing to do with either GASD or WR or the IRS, I as a true Grandmother, always put the little one's first >wink<

In My Opinion

In my opinion you make some very good points and were very wise to NOT write anything that would require a threatening letter from Mr. Warren's Attorney.

Of course you couldn't just

Of course you couldn't just say "You make some very good points. Just have to get the jab in. One of the most down to earth comments written here but it had no attack on Dan in it so you felt the need to add one to the end. Mature...very mature.

Thank, I was simply stating

Thank, I was simply stating things as I have seen them.

Donations to GASD

I don't think anyone has mentioned how difficult it is to donate to GASD. When I first heard about Racer from my neighbor I tried to send a donation but couldn't find any way to make sure the money went to a specific account for Racer. I had a phone number for someone named Sue at GASD who would call me back so I could make the donation. This went on for about a week. When I finally did reach her I did make a substantial donation but did not feel comfortable about it. I'm on the board of a Virginia non-profit and tried to find out who is on their board so I could get more information. I couldn't find any information. When my neighbor told me about this latest situation I am sorry to say I wasn't really surprised. I only regret I didn't send my donation directly to Racer directly.

This post is in answer to all

This post is in answer to all the post about this family stealing money from a charity
1. The purpose for the fund raiser is clearly stated in every video and flyer I have seen. To raise money to purchase a dog for their son. That means for the benefit of their son.
2. GASD, by various names, is mentioned all over the place as the organization they want to purchase the dog from. Good things are said about GASD.
3. There is not one statement anywhere where they claim that the fundraiser is for the benefit of GASD. There is not one statement saying that they are raising money to donate to GASD’s mission or goal.
4. They state that they are trying to raise $20,000 to purchase a dog for their son.
5. An even better way to tell what the fund raiser was for is to ask all the people that donated their time. What do you think they would say? I was donating my time to raise money for Racer’s dog or I thought i were working for GASD.
6. Whether or not they said some would go for medical bills is irrelevant. They probably had no Idea how this thing would take off. Nothing they said about the fundraiser was false. The purpose was to raise money for a dog. They bought a dog. They were lucky enough to have rised more than the cost of the dog. I am pretty sure they can legally do whatever they want with it. The dog was for a medical need of Racer. The rest going for the medical needs of racer seems consistent with the goals of the fundraiser.
7. For GASD to have any claim to anything that was raised they would have to prove that the family represented the fund raiser to be for the benefit of GASD. Not just that that is where they were purchasing the dog.
I also did some research on both Guardian Angel Service Dogs Inc., and Warren Retrievers, LLC.

1. Both appear to be run by Dan Warren. GASD a nonprofit and Warren Retrievers LLC for profit
2. Per the State Corporation Commission of Virginia, Warren Retriever LLC date of filing was 01/16/2008. A for profit LLC. A little over 4 years old
3. Per the State Corporation Commission of Virginia, Guardian Angel Service Dogs Inc. Date of Certificate is 10/15/2010. It was formed less than two years ago. It is a nonprofit. What kind of success rate can GASD have they are not even two years old.
4. Per their web site Warren Retrievers LLC (the for profit business) sells and trains dogs.
5. I did not get a copy of the articles of incorporation for GASD with their purpose but they do publish their mission or purpose on their web site

Building Relationships. Changing Perceptions. Enriching Lives.
Guardian Angel Service Dogs is a fully incorporated 501 (c) (3) organization and is the philanthropic arm of Warren Retrievers and Diabetic Alert Dogs by Warren Retrievers.
The mission of Guardian Angel Service Dogs is to provide educational training about the role of service dogs and the different types of assistance they may provide to persons with health issues such as Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes, Hypoglycemic Unawareness, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury. It is important for the general public to know that people whose lives might be improved or even saved by having a service dog, may not have a visible disability.
In addition, Guardian Angel Service Dogs will help with the costs associated with the purchase and training of a service dog for individuals who would benefit from having a canine companion in their lives to enhance their quality of life and to remove barriers that prevent these individuals from living their lives to the fullest extent possible.
To help obtain the funds necessary to allow these individuals to purchase their service dog and have it fully trained, Guardian Angel Service Dogs will host fundraising and community outreach programs. In addition, we welcome your financial contribution to help sustain and grow our program.
To learn more about Guardian Angel Service Dogs and how you might help advance the work of this important organization, please contact Dan Warren, President at 540-543-230

6. Nowhere in the mission statement does it talk about GASD breading, training, or selling dogs, just education and providing funds to purchase dogs through fund raisers hosted by GASD. A nonprofit has to stick to what their purpose is.
7. Per their mission statement it looks like the only thing GASD does is take tax deductible donations for clients that wants to purchase a dog from the for profit arm of his business, Warren Retrievers, LLC
8. This also presents a problem because according to pub 526 on contributions, if someone makes a contribution to a charity and it is set aside for the use by a specific person it is not deductible.

Cut and paste from pub

. Contributions You Can Deduct
Generally, you can deduct your contributions of money or property that you make to, or for the use of, a qualified organization. A gift or contribution is “for the use of” a qualified organization when it is held in a legally enforceable trust for the qualified organization or in a similar legal arrangement.

The contributions must be made to a qualified organization and not set aside for use by a specific person.

Before I looked up this stuff I thought GASD provided the dog but it is not in their mission, does anyone else find the relationship between the two companies odd. It looks like a nonprofit collects tax deductible donations to purchase a dog from a for profit company and he owns both companies. How long the companies have been in business is also a problem. How can they have a proven method in that amount of times. Big dogs are not even considered grown for two years.
Ok I am done no more from me.

#3--you say there is no

#3--you say there is no statement anywhere that GSMD were involved so why were some people told to make their checks out to GSAD. Some were told to call GSAD to make their donation. Can you explain why?

" To help obtain the funds necessary to allow these individuals to purchase their service dog and have it fully trained, Guardian Angel Service Dogs will host fundraising and community outreach programs"
-the Mcleods didnt take advantage of their help to obtain funds for the dog? Courts will decide,I suppose.

1. Both appear to be run by Dan Warren. GASD a nonprofit and Warren Retrievers LLC for profit.
-so Dan takes in donations and then Dan Warren makes profits as Warren Retrievers . Did anyone associated with Racer's family profit from this benefit by the sale of any items for the fundraiser?

I never said GASD was not

I never said GASD was not involved. I said GASD was involved. That is where the dog was going to be purchased. Taking payments for the dog is not Hosting the fundraiser by any means.

If the family were trying to scam anyone they would never have told anyone to make any payments to GASD or call GASD. They could just as easily told everyone to make the check to them. To me that just shows that their motive was to raise money to pay for thier son's dog not make make money for themselves.

What I said was according to the IRS donations to a charity that are donated to go to a certain person are NOT tax deductable to the person making the donation. That is not my opinion it is the IRS regulation in very plain english.

It is my understanding that GASD tells clients to tell donors that they can make tax deductable donation to GASD that will go toward their dogs cost. That is not true. And even though that is not true that is what they most likely told the Mcloads and THAT is why the McLoads told people they could make donation for the their dog directly to GASD.

As far as GASD it does't appear they or operating with in their stated mission. Tax exempt organization must act within there stated mission to be tax exempt and the word non profit is self explantory NO PROFIT. It appears they or telling people that certain donation are tax deductable when they are not. I have to wonder if GASD is just not a way to help Warren Retriever make a bigger profit.

As far as the McLoads making a profit on the fund raiser. There is no law against that in fact it is the point of having a fundraiser.

At the end of the fund raiser it was announced that by someone that they thought the price of the dog was exceeded and the rest would go to Racer's medical bills. Everyone cheered. The McLoeds then posted a big thank you on the net thanking everyone and again and acknowledging that extra funds were going to medical bills. This does not sound like the action of someone trying to scam anyone.

Since GASD was not there and had nothing to do with the fund raiser except take some payments, it is likely that their public announcement is the reason GASD even knew about the success of the fund raiser.

Lets see addition funds from Racer's fund raiser going to Racer's medical bills or going to GASD so that Warren retreiver can make a bigger profit. Yes I think the court will decide.

In addition to looking into the companies of Dan Warren I came accross a Florida nonprofit organization named Guardian Angel Medical Service Dogs. Their web site states it raises money to provide service dogs to people in need free of charge. Their waiting list a few years. And it seems to operate like a true nonprofit organization (I only read the site no research).

Which nonprofit started first. I think I will look it up.

You are right that they could

You are right that they could raise funds for medical bills, HOWEVER, according to the government website and laws, they must specify what percentage will go to GASD and what percentage will be personal. The advertisements only stated for a dog and nothing else. FYI, BY LAW you have to use ALL funds raised during a fundraiser for the specific reason you stated in the fundraiser. If the amount exceeds, then you have to return the money or turn it over to the organization. THAT IS THE LAW and it is a Federal criminal offense to use any of the money for another purpose without FIRST advertising that purpose.

According to the US Government:
Proceeds from ticket sales must be used only for the charitable purposes of the qualified organization

2. (1) Fundraising means the raising of funds for a nonprofit organization, other than a political organization.....
However if the activity is not substantially related to the organization’s exempt purpose, this money now becomes 100% taxable.

You are quoting a law that

You are quoting a law that applies to someone raising funds on behave of a non profit or fund raisers by the non profit. It has nothing to do with private people having a fundraiser.

A nonprofit can only raise and spend funds within is exempt purpose. If it goes outside of its exempt purpose the funds collected become taxable to the non profit organization. Per the stated mission posted on the web site GASD mission (exempt purpose) is to educate and help families by hosting fundraisers. If that is the case then the raising and selling of dogs would be taxable to GASD because it is outside their stated charitable purpose.

It is common to define a word as it will be used inside the language of that particular law. That is all the defination you quoted is.

Of course there are political fundraiseres and they are legal. Anyone can have a fundraiser for anything they want. Anyone can give money to anyone they want for any reason they want.

To my knowledge there are NO federal laws that apply to fund raisers that are for a specific person. As for the donations the tax law that applies is gift tax on gifts and regular income tax on sales of items. That's it.

So many post over and over (not from any one that was there or that gave) saying the fund raiser was for GASD because they identified GASD as the organization they were buying the dog is just crazy. I know you will keep doing it but that still will not make it so.

If someone is hosting a fundraiser for a charity a HUGE part of the fundraiser is to tell everybody the mission of the charity. There was Nothing about the McLouds raising money to help GASD in their mission to educate. Hosting a fundraisere means GASD having a fundraiser FOR Racer not the ouher way aroud. Just did not happen and no tax id number was ever used.

Come to think about it because buying a dog FROM GASD is out of GASD mission. The funds received for the dog would be taxable to GASD. Even advertizing that they were buying the dog from GSAD was not dealing with GASD in their nontaxable capasity. Unless selling dogs is in the mission stated in their tax exempt papers. Selling that dog or any dog is a business transaction between the buyer and GASD and a taxable event to GASD.

However if the activity is not substantially related to the organization’s exempt purpose, this money now becomes 100% taxable.


I attended this fundraiser. I do not know Racer, his family or any relative or friend of his family. I attended because it was splashed all over the media, in every store, on social networks etc. It was a local boy that had a medical need. I was completely blown away by the turnout, the organization, the attitude, and the community involvement. I gave more than I planned to because it was an amazing feeling that so many ppl took the time to plan this amazing event. I am positive that many many hours went into planning this event. It was obvious. So, why should this family have to pay for someone else's DAD? Any other family with this same need should be willing to put forth the same effort and expect the same results. If you don't give 200% then you won't get the same back. For someone to mention this family renovating their home, driving nice cars, spending the money elsewhere is rediculous. Should this family stop living their lives because of a sick child? No, they should continue to live a normal life. Whatever the new normal is. I'd love to take a look at Mr. Warren's home, car, lifestyle. It has been stated specifically in this case, there was not any agreement for all of the funds to be given to Guardian Angel Dog Service. I would have to conclude there isn't or that statement would not have been made. No one should condemn this family, call them greedy, or whatever for executing a successful fundraiser for their son. It was not stated this fundraiser was for Guardian Angels. It was for Racer. It's obvious to me that many people that are supporting this organization are desparate enough to get help for their child (and I dont dispute that you shouldn't)that they are not thinking rationally with regards to excess funds that are raised. I get so tired of people wanting to hang on other's coattails in order to profit for themselves without putting in their dues. So many ppl expect something for nothing.

Sound exactly like

Sound exactly like Marijane??? No...maybe just many people think the same way. Marijane has not commented on this article, although she has read it.That is NOT a violation of the agreement she was forced to sign with Dan Warren's henchman attorney. I find it highly amusing how afraid of Marijane you all are. Dan Warren has had his henchman attorney send her a "Cease and Desist" letter with threat of a lawsuit. Everyone of you, his "cult" members bash and blame her every chance you get even though an agreement was reached with Dan Warren's attorney that all this bashing would stop on both sides. Every time any of you mention her it is forwarded to her attorney. Apparently she was onto some thing or Dan Warren would not be so afraid of her. Unfortunately she is not in a position to fight a lengthy lawsuit. Her biggest concern is her family and her T1 five yr old.

Oh and if you are doing

Oh and if you are doing nothing wrong you don't have to worry about a lengthy lawsuit...your innocence would be obvious.

this is from an article about

this is from an article about a fundraiser in Fairfield CT. just as Racer's. "-Once we have met our fundraising goal, all other contributions will go to another family in need of a service dog". The McLeods chose to do things a little differently.

Those of you in this group do

Those of you in this group do nothing but stalk internet articles for GASD and try to post lies about the organization. That is why you have turned everyone against you. If any of your statements were actually factual and could be backed up then people would listen to you. You have an opinion and that is cannot back up ANY of your claims. It really is sad how you all spend so much time trying to bring Dan down and do absolutely nothing to advance your own cause. It has become an obsession to your group. A cease and desist only carries weight if you are actually doing something defamation. Telling the truth is perfectly legal. Which is why we hear no more from Marijane....she many of you do. Had her statements been true nobody could shut her up. Why such hate and obsession? You chose your path...others chose theirs. Why don't you focus on your own path...I mean really...did Dan steal your first born or something? But you will respond to my comments with another tirade of lies so I do not know why I waste my time with you people. Even when the truth is right in front of you, you fail to see it. It's almost like you guys are internet bullies...wait...are you still in high school? That would explain the maturity levels anyway.

Just as you are able to sing

Just as you are able to sing his praises, I am able to preach his downfalls. That is the beauty of this country we call America and our Constitutional Rights. That is why PETA can protest in front of test labs, concerned pet lover's can warn people in front of Pet Shops about puppy mill puppies and that awful Westboro Baptist Church can protest at military funerals.

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "my group" as I am not affiliated with any group, but I do call a spade a spade.

And speaking of "Truth" ... I did notice you did not comment on the post below this about Dan's lying about not being affiliated with GASD.

There...I posted below as you

There...I posted below as you requested. I would sing his downfalls if they were factual and not made up by a bunch of people who are ignorant about his organization and program. I have shot down with FACT every false claim made against him. Come up with something legit...Please!! Really I want to see some proof other than some reporters article. As we can see above reporters are not a good source of LEGIT information. If you can provide actual proof I will join your side.

Joining other side

Someone get his/her membership card ready

What I understood is GASD is

What I understood is GASD is not the same as Warren Retrievers. GASD is a Non profit organization, and Warren Retrivers is not. In that way they are not affiliated. The GASD is a 501 c and that is what you can fund raise through and is completely tax deductible. From what I'm understanding by law if you advertise their name while fund raising it legally all is suppose to go to them. And unless they had their own non profit organization won't they be taxed for the $40,000? I hope everything works out for everyone involved.

They are both owned, operated

They are both owned, operated and run by the same person Dan Warren. It is NOT tax deductible if it is for a specific person, it is ONLY tax deductible if you donate directly to GASD for an un-named recipient.

Wrong again...GASD has a

Wrong again...GASD has a board of directors. Even if Dan was on the board he couldn't do anything independently. Next?

I have before donated to GASD

I have before donated to GASD for a specific person and got back a receipt saying it was tax deductible.

Do you have any sense?

A cease and desist letter is usually used to make someone to shut up. You can either have your lawyer fight it or you an agree to it. If you can't afford a lawyer, you pretty much have to agree to shut up. That's just putting things together and using your brain.

Oh, and I have better things to do with MY life than stalk GASD articles. But there seems to be another popping up every day. Considering one the articles claims they place 300-500 puppies a year, there is an abundance of articles.

You obviously have better

You obviously have better thing to do with you life which is why you are here...really? I suppose you are one of those people that believes everything you read on the internet too. Just in case you weren't aware...check this out:

Scary huh?

On his website Warren has a

On his website Warren has a press release that states "Guardian Angel Service Dogs, Inc. wants to make it very clear that Warren Enterprises, LLC is not affiliated with Guardian Angel in any manner and does not "own" Guardian Angel."

and yet

here it says Warren is founder , president and CEO


Enterprises vs Retrievers

Warren Enterprises is in Kansas. I believe he was correcting a typo or mistake.

I think you should educate

I think you should educate yourself on how businesses are set up. I could own 10 businesses and they not be affiliated. A Business is it's own entity. Now if GASD was a subdivision of Warren Enterprises LLC then that would be affiliation. But since one they can both operate entirely independently of each other they are separate entity's. If Dan has such high price lawyers don't you think he would have been advised on that? Probably not since his lawyers are so busy with all of the cease and Desist letters huh?

How can you say they are not

How can you say they are not affiliated when GASD is over seeing the fund raising for puppies purchased through WR ? Have puppies ever been purchased and placed through another breeder? WR is recieving the monies. The artichle also states Dan Warren and his attorney contacted the family about the additional money raised. If he is not affiliated why are HE and his attorney contacting the McLeod's?

On a last note....please tell me what make's you and I so different? You and your *group* speak no differently about the McLeod's than I do about Dan Warren. Your cult members have accused them of everything from remodeling their home to purchasing new cars and not being good parents.You are also in a position of setting yourself up for a Cease and Desist letter for deflamation from the McLeod's attorney.

First...I have yet to bash

First...I have yet to bash the Mcleods. You act as if every post here has come from this "cult" you speak of. Nice resorting to name calling by the way. Are we in 3rd grade? Moving on... The non-affiliation was a legal statement. Legally...they are not affiliated. Educate yourself on business law and you will see this. The Mcleods attorney send me a Cease and Desist? For what proving all of the claims you make about Dan and GASD are in fact false. I know you are frustrated because I keep taking the wind out of you sails. You have reached a point where your statements no longer make sense. I am still waiting on factual evidence that back up all of your claims. Please forego the name calling and present these so called facts that we have all been waiting for. Backup your claims and I will back down...I may even apologize...but until you can prove something...have a nice day :)

Ryan McLeod, Please inform

Ryan, I would love for you or anyone else to clarify this, not only for me but for the everyone.

I understand that according to this article, which may or may not be your words, that you did in fact raise the funds using GASD name. Now from what I can see here, a filing was done in the courts asking that you be able to keep the remaining funds for your son's bills. I applaud you looking out for the best interest of your child, however, how can you or your attorneys really expect that this would turn out in your favor.
According to the Federal Gov. website, a few things are listed here which clearly shows what must be done.

1. Proceeds from ticket sales must be used only for the charitable purposes of the qualified organization

2. (1) Fundraising means the raising of funds for a nonprofit organization, other than a political organization.....
However if the activity is not substantially related to the organization’s exempt purpose, this money now becomes 100% taxable.

Now my question to you is or anyone who would love to answer this
1. Should you be allowed to keep the excess funds, do you plan on paying taxes on it?

2. Did you advertise this fundraiser and CLEARLY state: Excess proceeds will go to Racer and his family to help with ongoing care?

3. Is is worth the possibility of being investigated for fraud? I only ask this because it has been mentioned and I have also found that when you place an organizations name on any fundraising event and they do not receive the entire amount of donations, it becomes a federal crime.

What I am getting at here is that should you want to raise funds for your son's care, you can in fact do that, however, by LAW you can not combine a personal fundraiser with a non profit company's fundraiser UNLESS you specifically advertise that a percentage goes here and a percentage goes there. In my research I have not seen that.

Now I have done my research extensively before posting and I have come across 11 articles, 2 flyers, and 23 postings from your family or about your family that mention GASD as the reason for your fundraising. I am really looking for anything that shows another cause on it. If there is something than by all means please show us. The issue with the dog itself is something I am sure you would be able to resolve with GASD, however, at the end of the day, you legally can not keep the funds. Now if people want to personally donate to you and your son, than by all means, have them bring their receipts in from the donation, (assuming you gave them one), refund them their money, than have them give you the money and state it is for your personal use. However, at this point you would need to claim that money with the IRS.
Your family does not need the stress and headache of this type of publicity. Is it really worth it? Is $40K really worth having your family be put on public display? Why would you not want to turn over these funds and help others around you just like you have been helped?

I just want to understand the reasoning behind this. Medical bills? I get that. But even if you were not aware that you could not add Racer's medical bills onto the fundraiser for his dog, that does not mean that you can now ask a Judge to let you keep it. I mean this in a respectable way when I say ignorance is not an excuse. I am in no means calling you ignorant, I simply mean that lack of knowledge is not an excuse.

Even if WR did not inform you of how to properly fund-raise, the law is still the law at the end of the day and I am really amazed that you even found an attorney willing to take this on for you knowing that this is not a winning case for you or for him.

too many contradictions.

too many contradictions. Example- video shows picture and wording that show they paid their medical bills in full and then someone posts here that they havent used one penney of the funds on home rennovations or medical bills and that all the donations are in an account. How can it be both ways? Which one is true? Perhaps both parties need to be investigated further on their financial dealings. If they are so mistaken about the facts (ignorant) then they may have made mistakes on their IRS taxes as well. A poster named Cindy claimed to be a tax expert and exIRS employee and that the other party may have found a way to not pay taxes. Perhaps she knows some loopholes and has helped the Mcleods with their tax issues, after all, after googling, she may be Racer's aunt .

Helping families

O.k. you all keep stating the same thing over and over but where are the families that have received so much financial assistance from this organization. Isn't the purpose of sending MORE than the $20,000 for the dog to help other families who cannot raise the money or afford to pay themselves. Who has received financial assistance??? and if no one has where in the heck has all that money gone? Where is it? You can bash the McLeods all you want. They are doing what they had to do because of the threats they received from the Attorney. Do you really think they want this abuse. What's wrong with all of you? They are good hardworking people. He's a firefighter for pete's sake. You should be thanking him for having the courage to stand up for his children. Wouldn't you?

Families helped by GASD

If I am not mistaken there is a few families that have posted regarding the help they have recieved from GASD. If you look over the post on Friday a family posted under "I am that family". It looks like she was pretty open and honest about her situation.

Not bashing the Mcleods. If

Not bashing the Mcleods. If you read through all of the comments several of the people who have been helped have posted here. Not everybody raises 60k so most of the time they are only paying forward a couple thousand. I appreciate his service as a fireman but that does not put him above the law.

I do remember when I made out

I do remember when I made out my check for the fundraiser being told to make it out to GASD. It wasn't a large donation so I don't really care about deducting from my taxes. I don't have a problem at all with the extra money staying with the family. Racer is going to incur more than $40000 in medical bills in his life, dog or no dog.

I hope this is able to be resolved peacefully and that the dog will work out for the family and most importantly Racer. As I said, I'm okay with the family keeping the extra money, but if people were being asked as I was, to make their checks out to GASD that might be an issue right?

Best wishes to the McLeod family.

Background Check

Someone suggested a background check on the Macleod family. Have any of you cult members done one on Dan Warren? Just asking!

"Background Check"

Good one!

Why can't everyone just drop

Why can't everyone just drop it already. Why not just let the court decide based on truths not opinions. All this is doing is causing complete strangers to argue and not like each other.

Because they already don't like us!

Oh, and because members of the GASD "family" seem to detest people who train their own DADs (even though they are practically doing that themselves) and look down upon owner-trained DADs. They show this in their comments on articles about Dan's Amazing Dogs. So they already hate us so this is nothing new.

Because this excites us!

For many in the service dog community, finding someone willing to stand up to Dan Warren and take him to court is big news! Dan scares everyone else off with shut up letters and most disabled people don't have the money to take him to court so we can have our right to free speech back. So we are sad that this family got taken in by the GASD scam but we are thrilled that they are taking Dan Warren to court!

Lorelei really?? That link is

Lorelei really?? That link is BS. I have met Shiloh after she was taken away from the author. Convenient how the author doesn't say how bad they were treating shiloh and what things they were doing to her that made her become aggressive. Once Shiloh was taken away, and began to get the treatment she deserved, she blossomed again. Next link

Which is exactly why the

Which is exactly why the author used no names including GASD. Had she it would be considered Defamation and would open them up to litigation...and rightfully so. I will never say that GASD is perfect because it is human organization and we all make mistakes. But the claims that have been leveled against them have been dis-proven time and time again. Unfortunately there are those that wish them harm and follow around using the internet as a shield and try to do damage with lies. If any one of these claims were valid GASD would have been sued and out of buisiness by now. The truth doesn't matter to these people...Misery loves company and they only get joy from the suffering of others....It truly is sad.

Sounds like allot of people

Sounds like allot of people are jealous of the success that Dan is having with his program. The only people that seem to have a problem with him are other trainers who try to claim his program doesn't work. It obviously the testimonials. But I suppose all of those people are wrong? They have been brainwashed? So he doesn't train the way you works. Yours probably works too. If I buy a dog from you are you going to fly to my house 8 times in the first two years and once a year after that? Are you going to take my dog to all the places that I will take my dog and personalize the training of my dog to meet my families needs? There is significant expense in training that way so there is where allot of money goes and you are not going to do that which is why you are cheaper. I didn't just buy a dog, I bought a service for the life of the dog. I bought a service that actually understands the needs of families that have to deal with diabetes. Train the way you want....but let your success be your voice. With success comes envy and all I am hearing from all of the lies that are told about Dan Warren and the service he provides is envy. If you are so great then it is completely legal to compare your service to his. So by all means let's see that comparison. Come up with a legitimate argument and let's have that discussion. If you can prove your service to be better I will concede. But until you do and all you do is spread lies then you only discredit yourself and your service. Dan has one thing over you already....and it's a big thing...He has never lied to me. If you trainers are so good provide a link or phone number...I would love to talk to you in person. Dan can't send you a cease and Desist for that so what are you scared of? Legal action....whatever. Legal action is there for a prevent people like you from unjustly trying to tarnish the reputation of another entity that doesn't deserve it by spreading false information. If you want to change my mind then let's see that phone number or email address. If you have the guts to step up for yourself and you can prove your arguments to me I will make a $500 donation to a charity of your choosing. Our conversation will stay completely confidential and I will provide no information about it to Dan. So either put up or shut up. Unless you respond to my request your arguments no longer hold any validity! I can gaurantee you won't take me up on this offer. You will continue to hide behind you veil of anonymity on the internet and used the curtain of "legal action" to continue to hide yourself. If you are who you say you are, which I don't believe you are, then there is no reason to continue to hide. I'll make it easy for you: rtempelton9168 [at] gmail [dot] com

They have not been

They have not been brainwashed ( OK maybe) But they have definitely been threatened with law suits.