Seven dogs dead as result of poisoning in Mauriceville

Seven dogs dead as result of poisoning in Mauriceville

Seven dogs are confirmed dead in Mauriceville from some type of poisoning.

On January 23, 2013 the Orange County Sheriff’s Office received a call concerning a dog that had been possibly poisoned in the Greenwood Acres Subdivision in Mauriceville.

Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Officer, Deputy Rocky Bridges responded to the area to meet with the owners of the poisoned dog. The dog’s owner had transported the dog to a local veterinary clinic once they realized that their dog was possibly poisoned.

The veterinarian treated the dog and advised that the dog is expected to make a full recovery.

The sheriff’s office began getting more calls from residents reporting their dogs being poisoned. Deputy Bridges canvassed the neighborhood and spoke with several residents who dogs had died as a result of being poisoned.

Throughout the day and evening yesterday and again today, more residents of the Greenwood Acres subdivision had contacted the sheriff’s office reporting that their dogs had been poisoned as well.

As of this afternoon, Deputy Bridges advised that a total of  seven dogs had been confirmed dead as a result of some sort of poisoning. The sheriff’s office is investigating these incidents and is asking for anyone with information concerning this incident to contact the sheriff’s office.

UPDATE: According to Deputy Bridges, despite reports of higher numbers, only seven dogs have been confirmed dead from poisoning. He said a neighbor in the subdivision who seemed to have reliable information told him the count is up to 12 with some deaths being unreported. He said there is nothing to substantiate the number 18 reported by one person in the subdivision. He asks that anyone who suspects their dog was poisoned call OCSO and report it.

Regarding how the dogs were poisoned, Deputy Bridges said, "According to Foskey Vet Clinic, they believe it to be strychnine...We are assuming it is through some type of food."

Deputy Bridges said if someone is responsible for the poisonings, they face a Class A Misdemeanor for Cruelty to Animals for each dog affected.

Please call (409) (409) 883-2612 or (409) 882-7913 if you have any information regarding this incident.