Sheriff deputies respond to accidental shooting

Sheriff deputies respond to accidental shooting

Jefferson County Sherrif Deputies responded to a call of an accidental shooting of a 12-year-old boy in the area of Highway 90 and Highway 326 in Nome Aug. 13 around 10:58 p.m.

Upon arrival, an adult male subject was located at Snappy’s Exxon Station on Highway 90 in China with the wounded boy. He advised Deputies that his stepson had been accidentally shot to his right forearm and was bleeding heavily. One of the deputies placed a trauma bandage from his wound kit on the wound to try to stop the bleeding. 

A call was placed for EMS, but deputies were advised the nearest ambulance was in Rose City.

Deputies requested permission to transport the victim, because they felt any delay in treatment could seriously jeopardize the victim’s health and safety if they waited for the ambulance. They were given permission, and transport the victim to St. Elizabeth Emergency Room in Beaumont where the victim was stabilized and transferred to Texas Children Medical Center in Houston for further treatment. The two had gone to this remote area to try to view a meteor shower. While returning to their vehicle the stepfather said, he heard something running up behind him and thought it was a wild animal. He pulled a pistol that he had on his person and fired. He immediately realized he had shot the child.

The case is currently under investigation and Child Protective Services has been notified. 

- Marcus McLellan, Public Information Officer for Jefferson County Sherrif Department