Sheriff's deputies find more than a meal at restaurant in Orange

Sheriff's deputies find more than a meal at restaurant in Orange

Orange County Sheriff's deputies got more than they bargained for when they stopped for a meal at a restaurant in the 12000 block of F.M. 1442 in Orange. According to a news release, they arrested 42-year-old Vidor resident Shane Lane Hite just after Noon on Tuesday, April 2, when upon leaving the restaurant, they spotted the man injecting himself with what they believe to be Dilaudid, also known as Hydromorphone.

The news release from OCSO Sgt. Chad Hogan indicates the deputies were leaving the restaurant and saw Hite inside a white Dodge truck that was parked in a space at Crawdad's Convenient Store next to the deputy’s vehicle. The deputy reportedly looked inside of the truck through the opened driver’s side window at the man and saw that he had a syringe filled with a white liquid ready to inject into his right forearm. Deputies reported that Hite looked up from his task, saw the deputy and asked, “What’s up?” The deputies then removed the male from the truck, placing him into handcuffs. Hydromorphone, or Dilaudid, is a Penalty Group 1 Controlled Substance. Hite was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and transported to the Orange County Correctional Facility on a $2,500 bond.

According to the release, "Sheriff Merritt and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office will continue to diligently combat the drug activities that occur in the neighborhoods and other areas of Orange County."

If you have any information about criminal activities, please contact OCSO at (409) 883-2612.