Sight of newspaper shuts down school budget talks

Sight of newspaper shuts down school budget talks

An audience member's possession of The Examiner newspaper prompted the Beaumont Independent School District Board of Trustees to end a scheduled budget meeting shortly after the meeting commenced Thursday, June 6. Trustees and audience members had braved the inclement weather to attend the posted meeting, which was scheduled to allow the elected leaders of the school board to whittle away an upcoming budget deficit in the millions - potentially costing teachers their jobs, or necessitating a tax increase. Still, talks of how to handle the school district's finances will have to wait since some board members were so offended by an audience member silently reading the newspaper that the meeting had to be shut down.

"It's very distracting," District 2 Trustee Zenobia Bush said. "If he wants to read and hold it in the air, he will need to move to the back."

The audience member reading the newspaper, Beaumont City Councilman and local attorney Mike Getz, didn't immediately move from his seat. A BISD police officer was called to escort Getz to the back of the building and/or outside of the building, but again, the lawyer questioned the legality and reason for any such move.

"I'm not going outside; I'm listening to the meeting while I'm reading my newspaper," Getz said.

At that point, BISD Board President Woodrow Reece voiced the opinion that if Getz would not go willingly, Getz would go in handcuffs.

"Have the officer do his job," Reece instructed. The officer continued to plead with Getz to leave willingly, and after several minutes of dialogue the board of trustees elected to close the meeting in lieu of continuing the confrontation.

Before closing the meeting, however, Reece added that he was looking into sanctions and charges against two board members for visiting BISD campuses without a district escort and meeting with unspecified elected officials.

"If one or two members think they're going to overrule the board majority, they can think again," Reece said.

One or two board members took exception to Reece's remarks.

"The arrogance of some people," Trustee Tom Neild said. "You can't show me anywhere where we, as individuals, cannot seek counsel and the opinion of our elected leaders. There's not a person on this board who's going to tell me where I can go and who I can see."

With that, the meeting was adjourned. After the meeting, Getz said he wasn't trying to be difficult, but couldn't understand why his quiet reading caused such a stir.




Hi all I have lived here for ten years and seen BISD go from a crumbling school board to a down right landslide. This is our money they are stealing from our children. School officials that fake there school records (Degrees my ass.) Theft in every department you look into. Officials that think they are rulers and above the voting masses. You cannot even read a newspaper in there domain. Without threats of being arrested. But due to the good men in blue that do respect our rights this didnt happen. I work hard and long to try and get my taxes in for the kids. And just to have it stolen from them by a bunch of lying elected officials. The two best days of my life the day I moved here and the day I get to leave> God bless you all and the children.

Talking heads . . . Or, thoughtful people of character

Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't.
Margaret Thatcher

Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
Robert A. Heinlein

Time To De-Throne King Brassard & Queen Reece !!!!

The Kingdom Of Oz (aka BISD) Where King Brassard & Queen Reece Reigns. It's Time To De-throne King Brassard & Queen Reece. Then Remove Some Of Their Court Of Fools. Seriously People, Its Time Our Children & Educators Had A School Board That Keep Their Best Interest First.

" King Brassard & Queen Reece ". LMFAO ;()

You Can Fool Some Of The People Some Of The Time And You Can Fool Some Of The People All Of The Time. But You Can't Fool All The People All The Time. Abraham Lincoln

Was he reading The Examiner?

Was he reading The Examiner? The one with the bold lettering 'CHARGOIS KNEW'? What did he know? That his newly promoted assistant was a principal accused of cheating on tests.
Such good role models, these school board members. Teach kids to cheat. Guess that's how they got to the top.

Clean house and start over.

The entire system is so corrupt and muddled by politics that it is time for a change. The Board and Trustees have created such conflict that progress can't be made. Very sad state of affairs. Yes, we have new schools, but the system in place to lead and direct our district is unable to put aside it's hidden agendas and racial conflict long enough to get the job done.

Sight of Newspaper Shuts Down BISD Board Meeting

" This Is Not A Public Meeting, It's A Meeting Held In Public ". This statement made by a BISD Board Trustee that is in charge of educating our children. Who Is In Charge Of Education The Board Members ? This a great example of elected officials the forget that the same people that voted them into office, can vote them out.

Taxation without representation

I am amazed at the things the BISD Board gets away with! We own houses, acerage, and have some production in BISD but live in Nome. Even though We .pay lots of taxes to BISD We cannot vote on bond issues or school board members. There are many others in the same predicament. Certain members think they are above the law - so far they seem to be right

Statement of the night

Brassard......."This is not a public meeting, this is a meeting held in public." Well, when you say it like that it makes perfect sense.

Sight of Newspaper Shuts Down BISD Budget Talks

It's Time For New Leaders On The School Board. " It's Just Crazy For Grown Ass People To Act Like Idiots ". I Can't Wait For The November School Board Election
Results. U-Haul Has A Special On Boxes. " King Reece & Some Board Members Might Want To Get Ready To Pack ".


This is hilarious! This is just getting downright ridiculous.

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