Six arrested, more wanted after string of burglaries in Silsbee

Six arrested, more wanted after string of burglaries in Silsbee

The Hardin County Sheriff’s Office has arrested multiple suspects in separate burglaries plaguing a refinery, two convenience stores and the North Hardin Water Corporation.

“Each case is separate,” Sheriff Mark Davis said in a statement July 3.

North Hardin Water Corporation

April 26, the main office of the North Hardin Water Corporation, located on FM Highway 92, north of Silsbee, was burglarized. The suspects took property from inside and caused damage to the building.

The total loss has been estimated at $5,000. The majority of the stolen property has been recovered. Two arrests have been made and a third person is wanted in connection with this burglary. 

Misty Lynn Davis, 35, of Silsbee was arrested in May and charged with possession of stolen property. She was released after posting $750 bond.

Ivy Gene Donaghue, 34, of Silsbee was arrested June 29 and charged with burglary of building and felony methamphetamine possession, along with four warrants from Louisiana. He is currently being held in jail and his bond has been denied by the District Court.

A third suspect, Michael Paul Durr, 41, of Silsbee  has an outstanding warrant for possession of stolen property and was last known to be living in the Silsbee area.

South Hampton Refinery

June 29, the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office responded to the parking lot of the South Hampton Refinery on Highway 418 to investigate a vehicle burglary. Three suspects entered an employee’s vehicle and fled the scene with property from inside the vehicle. Witnesses and surveillance video gave a detailed description of the burglars and the getaway vehicle. Deputies have identified one adult and two juveniles, all from Silsbee, as suspects.

Today, deputies arrested a 16-year-old juvenile, who was placed in the Hardin County Juvenile Detention Center, charged with burglary of a vehicle. Warrants have been issued for the remaining two suspects, who were expected to turn themselves into authorities.

Convenience store burglaries

Four people have been arrested in connection with two convenience store burglaries north of Silsbee.

June 23, The Sunshine Grocery, located along FM Highway 92, was burglarized and cigarettes were stolen from inside.

June 25, The Shop-N-Go Grocery, also located along 92, was burglarized and the suspects took beer, cigarettes and money.

Four suspects have been arrested and charged with burglary of a building: Nicholas David Salard, 18, of Silsbee ($5,000 bond); James Daniel Swearingen, 20, of Silsbee (released on $5,000 bond); Shelby Tayler Smith, 25, of Silsbee ($5,000 bond); and Brenden Lee Guy, 17, of Silsbee (released on $5,000 bond).

- Hardin County Sheriff's Office