Smash and grab: Orange Police searching for burglary suspects

Smash and grab: Orange Police searching for burglary suspects

Police in Orange are separately investigating a theft and a smash and grab incident where the driver plowed through walls to plunder proprietors' merchandise.

The theft was reported on March 24. Orange Police Department Officer Justin Kirkpatrick responded to a call from a Kroger store manager shortly after 8 a.m. in reference to a theft. The manager told him an employee had informed her that items were missing from a warehouse area at the location. When she viewed surveillance video, she saw a white male of average height with a slim build, bald head and wearing a striped, collared shirt, blue jeans and white shoes, enter the employee area at about 8:42 p.m. the night before. The man allegedly stole 50 to 100 packs of cigarettes, tossing each pack into the parking lot from a roll-down bay door he lifted, presumably to collect them as he fled the scene. 

Days later on March 29, officers were dispatched to 1955 Martin Luther King Drive at 2:42 a.m. in reference to a vehicle that had crashed into a building at the Shell station located there. Witnesses reportedly told the dispatcher that, after creating an entryway into the building with the vehicle, several subjects had entered, removed property from the store, and then fled the area in two vehicles. 

Upon arrival at the scene of the crime, officers observed a large amount of shattered glass lying on the ground outside the building as well as damaged metal window framing. Police made contact with witnesses and took photographs of the scene.

Officers are still searching for the suspects in this burglary and the March 23 theft. Anyone with information about either crime should contact the OPD Detective Division at (409) 883-1095.