S.O.C. ends 2012 on high note

S.O.C. ends 2012 on high note

S.O.C. (Save Our Children, Children in Motion), with sponsors like the Reaud Family Foundation, H.E.B. and the Wortham Foundation, helped ensure that more than a dozen children had a merry Christmas, and provided a way for 15 families to have enough nourishment to see them into the new year.

Over the holidays, S.O.C. founder and president the Rev. J.D. Roberts spearheaded the drive to meet the challenge of making sure roughly 15 youngsters from the Beaumont area were ready for Christmas morning with a little something nice to herald in the holiday. The children, all served through the S.O.C. program, were selected based on word-of-mouth need. Additionally, 15 families were given a month’s worth of groceries to bring in 2013 with one less thing to worry about.

“I’d like to thank the Reaud Foundation, the Worthams, the generous support we get from H.E.B.,” Roberts said, “because without the wonderful things these people do, there would be a lot more people doing without things that they need.”

Roberts with support from S.O.C. volunteers delivered the goods, which came as a welcome surprise to the recipients. The group handed out 15 bicycles, assorted toys and electronics, literature provided by Lifeways Christian Bookstore, and assorted groceries to make sure families had a hearty Christmas meal.

“We just want to make sure that people in need get the things they need,” Roberts added. “This is a good way to end the year on a high note.”