Solving the human resources equation

Solving the human resources equation

HT Staffing gives clients information, flexibility and people

If you want the straight message about the employment situation in the Golden Triangle, go to the source. HT Staffing finds jobs for people and people for jobs, and has a finger the pulse of the local hiring scene.

Jim Gilliam, chairman, and Mark Turpin, CEO, founded HT Staffing in 2001. Both men graduated from West Orange-Stark High School and attended the University of Texas. The company has three specialized divisions – HT Staffing, HT Staffing Technical and HT Staffing Professional – with offices in Beaumont, Orange, Port Arthur and Austin.

The majority of placements that HT Staffing does are “temp to perm” positions, according to Cynthia Buckles, manager of the Golden Triangle Region. “About 85 percent of our placements are long-term temporary positions that turn into permanent placements, either with that understanding before the project starts or as the job goes along. “

Filling an employment opening in your business can be time consuming. Some companies have a dedicated human resources department that spends all its time filling open positions. Most companies, especially medium to small businesses, don’t have that luxury. “We act as a personnel department for our clients,” explained Danielle Dedrick, account manager. “We identify the client’s staffing need and vet all candidates we send to them for consideration.”

A prospective employee undergoes a rigorous verification process before they ever meet a potential employer.

“We perform all skill tests, confirm they are competent on the appropriate computer programs, arrange for any drug tests that are needed and talk to all references,” said Buckles. “Our background check process is something our clients depend on. Our reputation is on the line every time we send a prospective employer a candidate to consider, and we take that very seriously.”

To clients, the timed saved by having HT Staffing do the background work and pre-qualifying is well worth it.

“If you need an assistant, you are not only doing your job, you are doing your assistant’s job. Taking the time to search for your new assistant is adding another portion to an already full plate,” said Dedrick. “It is not an efficient use of time and resources, especially when we are here and can handle all that.”

HT Staffing is always on the lookout for qualified employees to place with their clients. “We use social media, job publications and referrals,” Buckles said. “Some of our happiest placements have been from networking in the community. We are always feeding the employment pipeline so that when a client calls us, we have candidates ready to send over.”

By acting as a clearinghouse for temporary or permanent employees, HT Staffing can work to bring the parties together as easily as possible. “A common complaint of job seekers is that it is almost impossible to look for a job when they are working all day,” said Buckles. “We will bend over backwards to set up meetings before or after hours, or during lunch. Our clients know that if we recommend a person, it is worth their time to change the schedule; they will meet a well qualified candidate.”

There are people who enjoy the flexibility of a permanently temporary employee.

“Some of our employees want to work on projects that last a few weeks or months, then take some time off,” said Dedrick. “That’s fine with us. One of the greatest compliments our clients give us is to call back and request a particular employee. That lets us know we have done our job right.”

HT Staffing handles all payroll functions for their employees, including all relatable taxes. The client pays fees for personnel placement, either through the hourly fee paid to HT Staffing for a temporary employee or a finder’s fee for employees that are hired on a permanent basis right away. Employees are never charged for job placement services.

HT Staffing can place temporary or permanent staff in a wide variety of fields. “We handle administrative and accounting positions, light industrial work and skilled and unskilled labor,” said Buckles. “We also have tutorials available for employees who want to upgrade their skills.”

HT Staffing Technical Division places employees with specific technical skills on contract or permanent placement. HT Staffing Professional, located in Austin, is an executive placement and recruitment firm that conducts nationwide searches for its clients.

HT Staffing has seen a major increase in business in the past year, and they take that as an indication that the economy in the region is on the rise. Their increase in year to date growth from last year in an astounding 233 percent.

“We are proud to be a part of the growth of the Golden Triangle Region,” said Mark Turpin, CEO of HT Staffing. “We have seen tremendous growth in all three of our divisions over the last 18 months and expect this trend to continue in the future.”