Southeast Texas game show returns for second season

Southeast Texas game show returns for second season

Ever wanted to throw spit wads at your teacher’s chalkboard? How about dump gallons of goop on your parents’ heads?

On “Family Knows Best,” the family that works together, wins together!

Each week, two Southeast Texas families compete against one another in four rounds of messy games and challenging trivia.

Each episode ends with the ultimate cranial challenge: The Family Tree Face-Off, in which one member of each family must determine which other family member “knows best” and can take on the challenges the round brings.

The team with the most points at the end of the game secures a spot in the show’s eight-week tournament.

It all comes down to a finale Dec. 14 where one family will walk away with an amazing family vacation to La Paz Bed & Breakfast!

“Family Knows Best” host Josh Yawn is a Lamar University alum and previously worked on networks such as Game Show Network and Nickelodeon.

The show’s crew is made up of 40 individuals, many of whom are film, television and theatre students at Lamar University given the opportunity to work on the show.

Each episode of “Family Knows Best” will feature a country music celebrity to ask families a special trivia question.

Viewers can expect to see stars such as Craig Campbell and Tracy Lawrence, legends such as Bill Anderson and Crook & Chase, and up-and-coming stars such as Sunny Sweeney and Phoenix Stone.

Families work together as a unit on “Family Knows Best.” All games involve tasks that can only be completed with the help of the entire family.

All of the questions used on the show are educational and are designed to evoke critical thinking techniques.

All stunts used on Family Knows Best involve basic level physical skill and coordination. The stunts are complex enough to be exciting to watch, but are simple enough to be recreated at home using household items so that families can play together after the show airs.

Eight weeks of tournament style shows were taped this summer with eight Southeast Texas families at Lamar University.

Family Knows Best premiered Oct. 26 on Fox 4, and airs on Saturdays at noon.

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