St. Elizabeth celebrates 50 years of history

St. Elizabeth celebrates 50 years of history

With raucous applause and smiles from hospital administrators, doctors, nurses and current and former patients, Christus Hospital St. Elizabeth celebrated its 50th anniversary Thursday, Nov. 15, with the unveiling of a wall of history and a time capsule in Beaumont’s iconic hospital. 

Before the unveiling, Regional Vice President Daniel Ford said the anniversary is a milestone to be remembered. 

“Anniversaries are the perfect time to remember our history,” he said. 

Ford went on to say many may not realize that historic representations throughout the hospital are a tribute to the hospital’s patron saint.

“So often we pass by this artistic relief here and folks may not even realize who she is or the meaning to this hospital,” he said. 

Motioning to the stone rendition of St. Elizabeth, Ford told the audience a short history of the patron saint. 

“She was a princess who was loved by all the people and admired because she had great love and compassion for the poor and the sick,” he said. “She even built a hospital next to her castle to care for them.”

Administrator Paul Trevino said the time capsule, in addition to the wall of history, would honor all those who made Christus St. Elizabeth what it is today.

“It goes without saying, we’re all standing here at this hospital today because of the sacrifice, the hard work that the groups of people before us have put forth,” he said.

Included in the time capsule is a May 19, 2012, issue of the Beaumont Enterprise, an issue of East Texas Catholic, a crucifix, photos, biographies, the Supreme Court decision upholding the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and a 50th anniversary bottle of celebratory wine. 

“Hopefully 50 years from now there’ll be a group standing in this lobby enjoying the benefits of all of our hard work,” Trevino said.