Stabbing at Beaumont nightclub

Stabbing at Beaumont nightclub

According to a press release from the Beaumont Police Department, a woman was stabbed early Sunday morning, Nov. 4, at Magic City Lounge on Gulf Street in Beaumont. Police responded to the call regarding the stabbing at around 2:29 a.m.

The victim of the stabbing told officers she and another woman had gotten into an argument earlier that evening. As the victim left the nightclub about an hour later, the female assailant reportedly attacked her from behind and stabbed her multiple times with a knife. The victim received lacerations to her left breast, left arm, left shoulder, and both forearms, according to the report. She was taken by private conveyance to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Beaumont. Her injuries are not life threatening, police stated. Investigators were attempting to get a warrant for the known assailant at the time of the release.



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