STAN emergency network testing July 14

STAN emergency network testing July 14

The City of Pinehurst, along with Orange County Office of Emergency Management and Sheriff’s Office, City of Orange, City of Vidor, City of Rose City, City of Pine Forest, City of West Orange and City of Bridge City will be participating with other cities within the Southeast Texas Region (Hardin, Jefferson and Orange Counties) to conduct a live exercise of our regional Southeast Texas Alerting Network system (STAN), also known as Blackboard Connect. The test will be conducted on Thursday, July 14.

The system is vital to keep the public informed in the event of any emergency situation, such as a hurricane, a natural disaster or a man-made incident causing a significant disruption to your daily activities. This test will include phone calls, emails and text messages.

STAN highly encourages people who live or work in the Southeast Texas region to register their cell phones by calling 1-844-578-STAN (1-844-578-7826). You can also go to the Southeast Texas Alerting Network website,, to register online. For more information please contact your local emergency management coordinator.

Aleta Cappen, City of Vidor Police Department (409) 238-6448, acappen [at] cityofvidor [dot] com;

Missy Pillsbury, Orange County Emergency Management (409) 882-7895, mpillsbury [at] co [dot] orange [dot] tx [dot] us;

Lee Anne Brown, City of Orange Fire Department (409) 988-7359 lbrown [at] orangefd [dot] com;

Fred Hanauer, City of Pinehurst (409) 886-2221, f_hanauer [at] cityofpinehurst [dot] com.