State Supreme Court sides with Kountze cheerleaders in religious battle

(Kountze cheerleaders) Examiner file photo

The Texas Supreme Court has agreed a lawsuit filed by a Kountze cheerleader and her family may be reinstated after being thrown out for being moot in a lower court.

In 2012, Kountze cheerleaders battled the school district to be allowed to continue putting religious messages on banners players run through before football games, a practice the school had prohibited after years of it happening. The school district eventually voluntarily withdrew objections to the practice, allowing them go ahead with placing the messages on the banners. The cheerleaders thought that was not adequate because the school could ultimately change the rule again at any time. A lawsuit was filed to ensure the school could not re-institute the ban on the religious banner messages, but was thrown out. According to the new ruling by the state supreme court, the lawsuit is a valid option for relief and may be reinstated.