Still Time Left to File Taxes

Still Time Left to File Taxes

For those procrastinators out there who wait until the very last day - April 15 - to file their taxes, they have a few extra days to play with this year because the tax deadline day is April 18 this year.

Why the extra three days?

The folks in Washington D.C. are celebrating the immensely popular, Emancipation Day today. The holiday typically falls on April 16, but when the 16th falls on a Saturday, the holiday celebration gets pushed back to the preceding Friday.

Why does Emancipation Day push back Tax Day?

Well, when the folks in D.C. celebrate, it's not just a D.C. holiday, but it's also considered a Federal holiday as well. Thus, the good people at the Internal Revenue Service, aware of the excitement and sheer anticipation that comes with such a festive day, pushed the deadline back to the 18.

So what is Emancipation Day? For those that answered "the day that gave us more time to waste before filing our taxes"... Wrong.

But for you history buffs that said, "it celebrates the day that President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862, which freed 3100 slaves in the District of Columbia"... Then you would be correct. Kudos to you. Now go file your taxes.