Super Derecho

Super Derecho

Valrico powers cell towers in wake of huge storm


At around 11 p.m. June 29, Cindy Perez, the Port Arthur-based vice president of Valrico, began receiving calls from several major wireless carriers — a huge storm called a “Super Derecho” had hit the Northeast and hundreds of cell tower generators needed to be fueled.

Within a few hours Perez and her staff set up a command center, a team of project managers, and deployed drivers with fuel and backup generators to cell tower sites across the Midwest and Northeast.

“This is not an uncommon occurrence for us, as we’ve been working natural disasters since Hurricane Charlie in 2004. Experience doesn’t make it easier to deal with, but it has definitely helped with the process,” said Perez. “My team works in shifts, and sometimes we only get a few hours of sleep during these disasters. Living in Southeast Texas, a hotspot for hurricanes, we definitely understand what civilians go through during these times. We put our hearts and minds in our work and are committed to getting the job done.”

Valrico’s clients include Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and Ericsson. Carriers are required by the FCC to keep towers up for emergency responders and are committed to keeping their networks up for customer communications during commercial power outages. The string of storms brought intense lightning and hurricane-force winds as it swept across Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey, knocking out power and leaving a path of destruction in its wake. Valrico responded to the disaster quickly, deploying generators and fuel to more than 700 cell tower sites across the eight affected states.

Perez added, “I’m very proud of my team and drivers. We maintained zero accidents and errors during this disaster. Not a single cell tower went down because of a lack of fuel.”

Valrico Ventures has been providing disaster recovery and transportation services to clients in the telecommunications industry since 2004. Valrico’s management team has more than 80 years of combined experience in the disaster recovery and logistics fields. Valrico has the resources to provide a solution for any situation that might arise during a disaster.

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