Suspect apprehended in attacks on elderly

Suspect apprehended in attacks on elderly

Press release from the Beaumont Police Department:

On Tuesday, May 27, 2014 Preston Joseph Robertson, AKA Preston Joseph Robinson, 42-year-old man, was arrested by the Joint East Texas Fugitive Apprehension Task Force (JETF), at a residence on North 3rd Street in Orange for a Beaumont Police Department Aggravated Robbery Warrant.

Robertson is a suspect in numerous aggravated robbery cases where elder victims were targeted as they left businesses and were attacked at their residences. Robertson has been charged with the aggravated robbery of a 73-year-old man in Beaumont on April 1, an aggravated robbery of an 83-year-old man in Orange on May 8, and Nederland P.D. is in the process of charging him with the Aggravated Robbery of an 81-year-old man in Nederland on May 9.

Investigators are still working on at least three other cases of aggravated robbery in Beaumont in which Robertson is a possible suspect.

Robertson is in the Jefferson County Correctional Facility on the following charges: 

Aggravated Robbery- Beaumont Police Department case - $75,000 bond

Aggravated Robbery- Orange County case- $150,000 bond

Possession of Stolen Property- Calcasieu Parish, La - No Bond

Investigators from all three agencies worked together to identify and apprehend Robertson.



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