Suspect possibly suffering excited delirium injures officer, police report

Suspect possibly suffering excited delirium injures officer, police report

A man police believe was suffering from excited delirium, a condition often associated with drug use, reportedly fought officers attempting to take him into custody in Vidor, injuring one officer who was transported via ambulance to a Beaumont emergency room on Jan. 8.

According to police reports from the Vidor Police Department, a Vidor resident in the 500 block of East Bolivar called dispatch at 1:42 a.m. stating that an unknown man was banging on his front door and yelling loudly. When officers arrived, they found the subject the caller described, identified by police as 32-year-old Song Sarik of Vidor. Officers report Sarik seemed agitated and repeatedly stated that the world was going to explode. When they attempted to cuff the apparently intoxicated man, Sarik allegedly began to struggle, striking Officer Eric Meineke during the melee. Sgt. Lee Brading reported that he struck Sarik in the back twice with his flashlight as the suspect fought, which seemed to him to have "little to no effect."

"It was obvious he was in a state of excited delirium, possibly drug-induced," Brading wrote in his report detailing the incident. 

The officers were ultimately able to restrain Sarik and put him in the back of a patrol car, but they stated that he continued to struggle, kicking his feet and rolling around in the back seat until the officers applied "hobble restraints" to his legs. Sarik was then transported to the Orange County Jail, where jail staff determined he needed medical clearance due to his elevated heart rate. After he was cleared by the hospital, he was taken back to the jail on the charge of evading arrest/detention with serious bodily injury.