Suspects arrested on Grand St.

Police attempt to pry unknown substance from suspect's mouth

Beaumont police arrested two suspects Thursday, Sept. 20, near Grand Street for possession of a controlled substance, among other charges. 

After pulling over a Ford Crown Victoria near downtown Beaumont on Grand Street, police placed suspects in handcuffs while they searched their vehicle. Upon closer inspection of the suspects, police say they noticed something in a male suspect's mouth. 

One female officer told the man, "Spit it out!" as she placed her hands on the man's throat. 

The man began screaming, "She's chokin me!," as he stood up to distance himself from the female officer. After a few verbal commands, the suspect was quickly taken to the ground by the female officer as a male officer assisted her in ascertaining what was in the suspect's mouth. 

"I can see it, man! Spit it out!," the male officer told the suspect. 

"I don't have nothing in my (expletive) mouth, man!," the suspect screamed. 

Police say they were unable to pry what they said was crack cocaine from the man's mouth.

After offering the man medical attention for swallowing the crack cocaine, police said the man was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon and possession of a controlled substance.