SWAT responds to residence in Vidor

SWAT responds to residence in Vidor

Vidor police and Orange County SWAT responded to what now appears to be an erroneous report of a man barricaded in his home with a gun on Tannahill Street Monday night, Sept. 2.

According to Vidor police, SWAT arrived at the man's residence after a woman reported he was inside with a gun. Upon arrival, police attempted to get the man to exit the residence but had to wait because, as the man later told police, he did not know they were outside. The man eventually came outside, and the matter came to a peaceful end, police reported. Apparently, the female who reported that the man had barricaded himself inside his home was known to police and considered potentially unreliable. The man was reported to have cooperated with police, and the gun the caller mentioned was in storage at the man's home. Police are still investigating but said no charges will likely be filed against the woman for the false report. 



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