TEA’s position in BISD restraining order request

TEA’s position in BISD restraining order request

The Examiner has obtained a copy of the filings made on behalf of the Texas Education Agency in a Travis County District Court while fighting a request for temporary restraining order, temporary injunction and permanent injunction filed by the Beaumont Independent School District asking for a reprieve in the pending TEA takeover.

TEA Commissioner Michael Williams said a setback delivered in the court does not mean defeat on Friday, May 16, after Travis County District Judge Lora Livingston granted BISD’s request for a temporary restraining order  - which effectively  prevented the commissioner from instituting a Board of Managers and interim superintendent to take the place of the current school district leaders.

“Today’s decision granting a temporary restraining order isn’t a surprise, but it does add a legal step to the process. The next step will be a temporary injunction hearing,” he said. “When all is said and done, I fully expect to replace the superintendent and the board of trustees. This action is necessary to restore Beaumont ISD to the strong state that students and taxpayers fully deserve and have every right to expect.”

Attached below are the documents filed on behalf of TEA in response to BISD's petition.

Read the TEA response here.