TEA’s position in BISD restraining order request

TEA’s position in BISD restraining order request

The Examiner has obtained a copy of the filings made on behalf of the Texas Education Agency in a Travis County District Court while fighting a request for temporary restraining order, temporary injunction and permanent injunction filed by the Beaumont Independent School District asking for a reprieve in the pending TEA takeover.

TEA Commissioner Michael Williams said a setback delivered in the court does not mean defeat on Friday, May 16, after Travis County District Judge Lora Livingston granted BISD’s request for a temporary restraining order  - which effectively  prevented the commissioner from instituting a Board of Managers and interim superintendent to take the place of the current school district leaders.

“Today’s decision granting a temporary restraining order isn’t a surprise, but it does add a legal step to the process. The next step will be a temporary injunction hearing,” he said. “When all is said and done, I fully expect to replace the superintendent and the board of trustees. This action is necessary to restore Beaumont ISD to the strong state that students and taxpayers fully deserve and have every right to expect.”

Attached below are the documents filed on behalf of TEA in response to BISD's petition.

Read the TEA response here.



The fact that these racist,

The fact that these racist, bigoted, incompetent fools depleted our financial coffers, is why the layoffs. I doubt few blacks are victims. That Jessie girl should be the first on their short list. I believe the board (minus Tom and Mike) and chag will face criminal charges soon. These dummies should empty their desk now. They have stepped into the zone of beyond foolishness. Selfish idiots have no shame.

Wasting our money

This should not come as a surprise.. The "entitlement" attitude that pervades part of the school board and most of the administration of BISD had led to the thief of millions and the mismanagement of more millions. There are Teachers who can barely read and write who hang on to the system and good Teachers who are forced out.. This bunch of proven inept managers and the thieves they cultivated will cost Beaumont a fortune to clean out.. Let us make sure these folks never hold office in Beaumont again.


The school board members that have been complaining about the voters who put them in office being disenfranchised if these same board members were replaced by the TEA Supt who are continuing to misuse the taxpayers money for their own agenda are about the sorriest bunch of elected officials I have ever seen. Am I wrong in thinking that their terms have already run out about a year or more ago and they finagled the election out of being held and robbed a few others who were wanting to run of that chance. I think a real good private investigator company should be hired to check out the workings of the board and the administration from the beginning of Big Butch's hiring and all that has taken place since. I think we could fill up a lot of space in the prisons around here with many of the crooks that have been allowed to freely rob and steal from the good taxpayers of the BISD. I'm sick and tired of the way we have been treated and walked on by these crooks. Can anything be done to bring the whole bunch to "justice", or is there any justice left?

Shame on These Incompetent, Sorry Crooks

These people are fighting for their political and professional lives now in a process that will ultimately fail. Chargois is done as a school superintendent, and not only here. Board members who supported this appeal should never hold elective office again. If they do, shame on Beaumont. We will have the schools we deserve for better or worse. And thanks to our competent, capable TEA superintendent.

An Addendum IS Likely Called For

PLEASE present an updated BISD record during the appeal process . . . including (1) further violation of open meetings law (2) extortion from parents for college credits (3) police force not filing accurate and official reports (4) $150,000 out of court settlement without board approval (5) overfilling the state of Texas due to inflating attendance records (6) any updates exposing further nefarious activities of the past (including sanctioned cheating on standardized testing or overfilling the state and federal agencies for food programs).

Obfuscation ad infinitum

Delaying the inevitable does not change the outcome one whit... Just wastes more of my valuable taxes and slows the rebuilding that is so critically needed in BISD's (Burglars Incompetents Seditionists and Deceivers) Executive Leadership.

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