TEA announces takeover of BISD

TEA announces takeover of BISD

UPDATE 3 – Mike Neil's comments: Current BISD Board Trustee Mike Neil said Monday, April 14, in a 12:50 p.m. press conference at the BISD Administration Building, “This is a huge victory. There is no reason to appeal; Putting a conservator in is exactly what needs to be done. I wish they would have come in sooner. Beaumont should be proud, just as citizens, we have made a difference.” 

UPDATE 2 – District attorney's comments on takeover announcement: According to Jefferson County District Attorney Cory Crenshaw, the impending TEA takeover is a good thing for those investigating an alleged litany of criminal activity currently taking place at the school district.

"We believe in order for our criminal investigation to move forward with cooperation and candor, that a change in leadership is absolutely necessary," Crenshaw told The Examiner. "With that said, we applaud the effort of Commissioner Michael Williams and his agency. We look forward to continuing our mission and seeing to it that those who have harmed our children's future are swiftly brought to justice."

UPDATE 1 – TEA confirms appointment: In the interim, Special Education monitor Fred Shafer will take the role of conservator. According to TEA spokesperson Lauren Callahan, Shafer will be on-hand to "make sure things are being done properly" and "basically keep an eye on things" as the Board of Managers is installed. Callahan said that the Board of Managers should be in place by June 15. BISD has until April 24 to appeal the decision and ask the TEA to perform an informal review of the appointment of a conservator and a record review of the decision to appoint a Board of Managers.

The notice sent to BISD officials is attached.


The Examiner has confirmed that the Texas Education Agency will be appointing a Board of Managers to oversee the Beaumont Independent School District. TEA Commissioner Michael Williams notified BISD Superintendent Timothy Chargois and Board of Trustees President Gwen Ambres on Monday, April 14, of the impending takeover of the current Board of Trustees.

As per the Texas Education Code, Williams "shall" appoint a new superintendent, as well. 

Check back with theeexaminer.com for updates throughout the day.



Have They No Shame?

The board's 5-2 vote to appeal, which will surely fail, simply gives certain board members and administrators more time to destroy or modify evidence. The sooner this nest of vipers is out of office, better yet out of town, the better Beaumont will be for it.


Does this mean that they will have to take down that ridiculous sign in from of the administration building?
You know, the one Butch bought the right to display. But was in no way earned.

Sing Loud (off key) and (shamelessly) Proud

Although it has often been said that 'it ain't over until the fat lady sings', the BISD choir has too many members (both fat and thin) who will continue to sing off key and in a shamelessly proud manner. It has also been repeatedly said that 'we may look back but we are not going back'. . . . Meaning what? . . . that a contemporary bogey man exists? . . . that one's character, honesty, integrity, responsibility and accountability has no place within the community? Thankfully, the majority are color blind and want to move forward . . . desiring a future that can earn the status of being branded as 'exemplary' . . . while the minority view still wants to believe in the straw man's ghostly image and employ a scorched earth policy.




Thank God!!! Now, they need to UPDATE the SPECIAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT!

you have a typo

" UPDATE: Takeover announcd "

It's announcEd.
Sorry, but it's driving me crazy.

Thank you for being the best! First to report this awesome news!

you have a typo

Thanks for the heads up, you too are awesome! Got it fixed.

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